Daze Before Christmas

a game by Sunsoft, and Funcom

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genre: Platformer

You probably thought you would never have the power to save Christmas, but in the unique game Daze Before Christmas, you do! As Santa in this interactive festive game, you are up against a wicked snowman who has committed the awful crime taking captive Santa’s reindeer and all of his elves. You can help Santa take back Christmas in this edge of your seat Christmas fiasco. By no means is the wicked snowman the only impediment that Santa faces. Along with a devious snowman set out to ruin Christmas, Santa comes across toys that verge on the dark side, enormous rats, and bombs within presents. Your role as Santa is to use defenses such as power ups, collecting energy hats, magic, and turning into Anti-Claus the invincible evil alter ego of Santa in order to fight back. If you take advantage of all Santa’s powers you just may stand a chance at freeing the elves and taking back the reindeer so Christmas can be saved. Daze Before Christmas has single and two player capabilities. Released and developed by Funcom in 1994, this holiday adventure is compatible with SNES and Sega Mega Drive gaming platforms. The game is compatible with SNES and Sega Mega Drive gaming platforms.

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Daze Before Christmas is the fascinating game appropriate for all ages! This Christmas can never come as the elves are on strike and all the gifts have dissapeared! Only Santa is able to save the Holyday. In Daze Before Christmas you play as Santa Claus. Your enemies are penguins, jack-in-the-boxes, helicopters, snowmen, and many others, which you meet during the 24 levels of breathtaking action.Santa kills his enemies by throwing magic at them. There are also several bosses such as The Evil Snowman, The Timekeeper, and Louse the Mouse, Mr. Weather. When things seem to be getting extreme Santa can get a cup of hot cocoa and turn into Anti Santa for 20 seconds.

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