Destination Earthstar

a game by Acclaim

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

  • Manufacturer: Acclaim

Timothy White of Duncan, Oklahoma, has found a few Easter eggs for this NES game. To execute the following tricks, you must use Controller 2.

First, start the game as usual, and as the Star System appears, on Controller 2 press and hold D, SELECT, and then press the B button three times. Now release D only, and you should hear a "chime". This primary code will allow you to do the following:

To make complete repairs in flight, without a base or planet (Star-System Mode), or to power up to nine ships (Enemy Base Mode), on Controller 2, press L, SELECT and B simultaneously.

To skip Star Systems and enemy bases and ultimately see the end screen, on Controller 2, press R, START and A at the same time to execute each advance.

Thanks for the great finds, Timothy.

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