Devil Crash MD

a game by Technosoft, and Naxat Soft

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Sports

Back to 80's, you ask? This brand new game for Sega (also known as Dragon's Fury), really, has much in common with standard pinball. But, meanwhile, it's an arcade, too! You are to control a silver ball instead of a humanoid character, though. Your goal is to wake up the sleeping Lizard Queen. You'll be able to defeat her as soon as you gain billion points by fighting hideous monsters and opening different bonuses. Main table consists of three stages: first, with Dragon Mother and weird scull watching your ball wherever it goes; second, with Lizard Queen itself and her evil minions; third, with Wind Star and hooded monks. You can crush everything that moves, just like in arcade, but everything that is still can grab your ball, like in a classic flipper. This pinball game is one of a kind – and probably the best looking one! Sound is awesome as well - dark mood of the game is accentuated by skulls with their demonic laugh. Whether you prefer to plan your every move strategically or slap your pinball like crazy, Devil's Crash will bring you a lot of fun, anyway! It also has a number of hidden mini-tables inside which make it even more challenging. Ball kinematics is pretty realistic and you certainly can use tilt.

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The spectacular PC Engine/TurboGrafx pinball game is now coming for both the Mega Drive and the Super Famicom. Expect to see more 'action' and animations with additional demons patrolling the playfield. More bonus rounds and extra bumpers will be new features.

reggie posted a review

Devil Crash MD is also known as Dragon's Fury.

reggie posted a review
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