Dino Land

a game by Wolf Team

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Arcade Classics

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Dino Land

Prehistoric Pinball!

The first Genesis multi-field pinball adventure is on its way! Can you feel the inertia shift when the catapult launches the glittery pinball into the play area? If not, then you haven't been playing! Dino Land has multiple-scrolling play screens, different pinball setups, and hidden bonus rounds! Change the difficulty setting to adjust the effects of gravity on the ball. Send a red hot ball blazing into a Tyrannosaurus' mouth! To really skyrocket the score, shoot the pinball into the slot machine for a mystery bonus. The terrain gets tougher as the points progress, so keep on your toes! Roaming dinosaurs litter the screen in a vain attempt to slow or stop your ball. Grab the bonus icons as they appear for super point awards! Everything you love about pinball is waiting in Dino Land, with a few extras to boot!

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Dino Land is a pinball game developed by Wolfteam. This game has a quest mode divided into three pinball areas - Land, Water and Air.

This is Pinball with the funny dino cartoons instead of balls. Even the game field is stuffed with such toys the sense of the game wont change - the crazy ball is bouncing on the field wishing to fall down as soon as possible.

reggie posted a review
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