Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs

a game by Mindscape

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

  • Machine: Nintendo

Clint Eastwood's Harry Callahan is a ruthless cop who's just this side of the law. In Dirty Harry, the new videogame based on the movies, Callahan crosses that line.

Armed with a 44 Magnum - which Harry affectionately calls "the most powerful handgun in the world" - you must stop a Colombian drug lord who's setting up shop on your home turf in San Francisco. The kingpin's name is Anaconda, and he doesn't like cops.

Your problem: The police chief has just ordered you to take two weeks' vacation. But Harry's idea of rest and relaxation is putting criminals behind bars.

In this case, that means apprehending a notorious murderer who has hired hordes of hooligans, street gangs, dock workers, mercenaries, and paratroopers for the sole purpose of eliminating you. All of these punks are going to make your day.

Before leaving for your unauthorized "vacation", remember one of Callahan's cardinal rules: "A man's gotta know his limitations". In Dirty Harry, one of those limitations is that you lack the weapons necessary to get past some of the larger foes. You must comb the city in search of either a harpoon gun or a bazooka.

Explore each and every room in every building for weapons, useful items, and life-boosting chili dogs. It's also important to establish rapport with the town's lowlifes. Do this by walking up to them and pressing the A and B buttons simultaneously. This should elicit some valuable help for your cause.

The cause, or the chase, is what makes this game go. Gamers of all skill levels will find it a challenge to survive long enough to rescue a missing girl and solve the case.

Unfortunately, Dirty Harry is missing something - the Eastwood Factor. In the Dirty Harry movies, it was Clint Eastwood's laid-back approach to vengeance that carried the day. In the game, Callahan and his enemies lack any personality. They're faceless and generic.

Another problem is the violence. In the movie Magnum Force, Callahan said, "There's nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot". In the videogame, Harry shoots, punches, and kicks everybody. There's lots of action, but not much strategy.

If you're looking for a solid shoot-em-up, don't miss Dirty Harry. But if you're an Eastwood/ Callahan fan, you might be disappointed.

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San Francisco, the beautiful city by the Bay, has been overrun with drugs and crime, and now it looks as if the Golden Gate Bridge may just become the gateway to doom if something isn't done about it. Who else but Dirty Harry, that 44 Magnum-packing mad man of movie fame, could rid the city of its filth. Yes, detective Harry Callahan, the rough and tumble, is on the loose, again, and he's hot on the trail of the sourball drug lords who rule the streets, sewers, and dockyards with a dirty fist! Go ahead, get ready to play 'cause wiping out these guys is gonna' make Harry's day!

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