Donald Duck in Maui Mallard

Donald Duck has survived through so many adventures which others won’t cover for the eternity. Some of those adventures have been easy but this game plunges our duck into a real hazard.

Donald Duck finds himself on a tropical island where he unwillingly becomes the witness of how an idol of the local tribe Shaboom Shaboom is being abducted. So, Brave and noble Donald starts off to search the relic.

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Most donald duck cartoon lovers will really like this game and it is like a treat for them.

vinx_619 posted a review

The game begins in a mansion, and you are Maui Mallard (Donald Duck), an adventurer armed with nothing but a bug-firing weapon, for witch you must collect amo distributed all over the levels.

At the beginning, the game may appear a little boring, because all you have to do is to advance trough the mansion, killing enemies and jumping trough multiple obstacles. The game begins to be really fun after the second level, when you are able, from that moment on, to turn yourself into a powerful ninja, needing to do that sometimes, in order to advance in the levels, as some places are only accessible that way.

Ralph posted a review
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