Donkey Kong 99

a game by Rareware

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Action

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Sega Genesis Donkey Kong 99 download

This game is vey much like its super nintendo version and is really boring.

vinx_619 posted a review

Frankly speaking, it is a weak and, to some degree, even ridiculous attempt to display the adventure of Donkey Kong' on Genesis. Those who played all three series on SNES (or even just one of them), better not consider this game in order not to burst off speaking angry tirades. The essence of this version goes like this: our valorous Kong moves forward, hurls some tanks and jumps on the contenders, collecting bananas at the same time. Basically, the essence is the same as on SNES, but the SNES game was executed under the maximum category, and here...

reggie posted a review
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