Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

a game by Bandai

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Fighting Games

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Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension is a fighting game released back in 1996 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was very popular due to the manga series and was the last game in the Dragon Ball series released for Nintendo’s SNES.

The game follows the same story as the anime. The story of “Hyper Dimension” starts from the late FriezaSaga and goes through the Kid Buu Saga. The only difference between the game and the manga is that a character loss will not affect the progression of the plot. If Goku or Gohan lose they will only need a Senzu Bean and will get back in the game.

The game is also different compared to the manga series from another point of view. If the story in the manga mainly focuses on one character, in “Hyper Dimensions” it can focus on one player in the beginning and end focusing on another in the end of the game. This is also different compared to other fighting games, such as Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat.

The story mode is also a bit different than the real one. For example, Piccolo fights Frieza in his final form, which never happened in the manga, or Goku is the one defeating Cell, when he is a Super Saiyan 2.

Each character has a life bar, measured from 1 to 999. When the player’s life measures less than 80, he can perform the so-called “desperate moves”, which will cause significantly higher amounts of damage to the enemies, but will also take a lot out of their energy. The characters in the game fight on a multi-tier stage. This allows opponents to hit each other to other stages.

The story mode is not the only one in the game. Additionally, the game features a versus mode, a tournament and a practice mode. The tournament mode allows up to eight different players to compete against each other. They can also compete against CPU-controlled characters. This feature is similar to the one in Super Butoden series. The versus mode allows the players to fight against a CPU-controlled character, but allows two players to compete against each other as well. The practice mode allows the player to control his own favorite character and to fight another character controlled by a player. The only difference compared to the versus mode is that no damage is dealt in the practice mode.

All the Dragon Ball games released over the years were huge hits on the market and “Hyper Dimensions” was one of them. GameSpot users rated it with a total average of 8.4 out of 10. Votes from 261 users were casted.

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