Dragon Spirit: The New Legend

a game by Bandai

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

See also: Monsters Games, Dragon Games

  • Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Machine: NES

R. Stewart also sent in these Easter eggs for Dragon Spirit. After the first battle, during the title screen, press and hold A and B on Controller 2, and then press START on Controller 1. When you start, you should have 20 dragons.

You can also get a sound test by pressing and holding A, B and U on Controller 2 and then pressing RESET. You should then see "Sound Test 00" on the screen.

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A mythical fantasy/shooter that lets you become a multi-headed dragon that breathes fire on the monsters trying to stop you from saving your main squeeze. A great looking and great playing game.

reggie posted a review

Time Machine

The storyline transports you to Kingdom Cloud, a medieval fantasy world filled with mythical wonders and prehistoric monsters. You are cast as Amul, a brave warrior. Your task, to rescue Princess Alicia from her demented abductor, Zawell. You must stop Zawell before he sacrifices Alicia in hopes of rejuvenating himself. Wielding your mighty sword on top of the mountain you are transformed into a blue dragon, with a majestic wing span and torching fire power. This odyssey takes you through eight tortuous areas of fierce encounters with nature's harsh elements, as well as a menagerie of prehistoric creatures.


Begin your mission in the rocky area of Karusto, where you fly over a long, treacherous river inhabited by fire-breathing sea dragons. Watch for fireballs hurled feverishly at you from behind greenery. In the skies are deadly bats and pterodactyls. Grab one of the eight power-ups and you might transform into a three-headed dragon, intensify your firepower, or speed up your dragon's movement. At the end of this area you come face to face with Ryu, a foe with a long, serpentine neck. Ryu is out to fry you and stop you from venturing to the next level.

Volcanic Mountains

You've reached the Volcanic Mountain area, where angry volcanoes spew molten lava and fill the air with ashes. Rumor has it that the Phoenix reign over this region. Fend off fierce dinosaurs and dodge bursts of hot lava aimed at you. Once you journey safely out of this inferno you must destroy Hinotori, the master of the Phoenix, who is big and mighty in all his splendor.

The Forest

Next, travel through dense Forest, inhabited by poisonous flowers, bullfrogs and beehives of gargantuan proportions. Here lurk the giant red flowers that emit deadly spores. By concentrating your bombs on the roots before the spores appear, you will overcome this menacing obstacle.

The Desert

The Desert is strewn with sun-bleached bones and boulders. Flying dragons and scorpions greet you and attempt to lead you to a fiery death. Game-play speeds up when you grab three red items and increase your firepower by one level. Two blue items will transform you into a three-headed dragon. Destroy the ghastly skeleton of a monstrous pterodactyl and you'll move on to the next area.

The Cave

Fire-breathing frogs and creepy spiders thrive in the damp, dark Cave area. Fight your way through the jagged teeth of shifting cave walls that try to enmesh you. Armies of blood-sucking bats make vain attempts to defeat you. Eliminate the enormous mother spider and stop it from propagating its own kind. Fireballs hurled by the tiny spiders could put an end to your journey.

The Glacier

You are transported to Glacier, a world of freezing temperatures, ice floes, sea dragons, and prehistoric beetles. Use your firepower to torch your way through the walls of ice. They'll crackle and sizzle from the heat. Defeat a Serpentine enemy who'll put your strength and stamina to the test.

The Palace of Evil

You've reached the entrance to the Palace of Evil. First, get past the fireball-spitting gargoyles, who stand as sentinels. The onslaught of giant centipedes, turtles, and spiders seems endless. Your final encounter with the three-headed serpent. Yamata is a battle to remember. Aiming flames at each of his serpent heads will send each one to an explosive end.

The Palatial Labyrinth

As you battle your way through the Palatial Labyrinth, hordes of turtles, slimy toads, and spiders continue to put your endurance to a test. Poisonous plants emit fire-like eject as you face the danger of being impaled by retracting spears that block the entrance to Zawell's hideout. Finally you come face to face with the half-man, half-serpent Zawell. His horns can hurl a swirling blade with a lethal edge to slice you into dragon cutlets. He uses his magic sword as a shield against your barrages of fire power. After a long, hard battle, Zawell is destroyed. You glide over the red carpet leading to the palace entrance, and are transformed to a handsome prince again as you and Princess Alicia are reunited. Peace and tranquility are once again restored in Cloud Kingdom, thanks to the Dragon Spirit.

reggie posted a review
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