Dragon Warrior 3

a game by Enix

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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Dragon Warrior 3

What's next for Erdrick's descendants, the Dragon Warriors? Before their legend continues, it has to begin! That's right, Dragon Warrior III by Enix takes a trip back to the past for the birth of one of the greatest lizard-whomping sagas ever.

Dragon Warrior's Destiny

The king of Aliahan explains how your dad Ortega disappeared down a crater in battle with Baramos, a big beastie of the dragon variety. But what's worse, Baramos' buddies have been spotted crawling around the countryside. World domination could come any day! Fatherless and afraid, you set out on a crusade for revenge.

So you've got motivation. Now you need some friends. Your first step is to recruit three pals for your adventuring party. Take your pick from a Soldier, a Fighter, a Wizard, a Pilgrim, a Merchant, or a Goof-off. By balancing your team's fighting skills, defense, healing, magic, and luck, you're primed for the trials and terrors to come. Later, you can custom-tailor characters to beat certain obstacles.


  • For a solid start, bring along Soldier, Hero (that's you), Pilgrim, and Wizard in mat marching order. Later in the journey, however, you'll need to return to Aliahan and create some specialty characters.
  • Leap off the tightropes in the Tower of Garuna to find the Book of Satori. Use the book to convert one of your warrior-types into a Sage. As a Sage he'll gain magic talents in addition to his brawling abilities.

Build Character

Okay, so you've assembled your band of hearty souls and brave explorers. Unfortunately the catch, as in all RPG's, is that the whole lot start off as weaklings; crank up their levels, hit points, and skills as quickly as possible.

After you've built up your troop's "manliness", amassed gold, and bought essential weapons and armor, you're ready to wander the world in search of fame, fortune, and big green monsters with lots of teeth. Once in battle, you'll discover that the menu-driven fighting sequences, reminiscent of DW I&II, are uncomplicated and easy to use.

  • Invest in a generous supply of Antidote Herbs and Medicinal Herbs in case you bump into more trouble than you can handle.
  • If your band runs low on health, don't waste money at the inn -- just snooze at your home in Aliahan!
  • To earn lots of experience points early on, take several trips to the Cave on Promontory (southwest of Aliahan) and fight Horned Rabbits and Anteaters.
  • An old man at the top of the Tower of Najima has Baker's key. You can reach him via the forest pathway south of Reeve.
  • Someone in Reeve has the Magic Ball you need to enter the Cave of Enticement. Use the Thieves' Key to unlock his door.

Decade of the Dragon

Mysteries, locations, and items abound in Dragon Warrior III. It's a longer, more complex game than its forerunners with lots of fresh features, such as Travel Doors, which zap you across time and space to new worlds. The overhead scrolling graphics, sound, and music make the cut, but don't break the mold. All in all, Dragon Warrior III does a great Ultima impression, as did the earlier games in the series. Don't hesitate to get your sword polished and your shield buffed, and then help Erdrick and company look for some new blood.

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Enix Proudly Presents Dragon Warrior III

The Legend of Erdrick begins here as you are plunged backward in time to the lost land of Aliahan. You and three hand-picked companions will travel by day and night to find and destroy the arch-fiend Baramos before he consumes the land. You'll explore fearful new dungeons, aided by your allies who can change classes mid-game. If you discover the Magic Bird, it will fly you to remote locations.

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The latest in the Dragon Warrior series is soon to be released on the NES! In this adventure, you have come of age to do battle with the evil that has plagued the land once again. Upon the request of the king, you are to complete all of his instructions in order to prove your valor and to defeat the forces of darkness once and for all! Dragon Warrior 3 boasts some of the most impressive elements that an RPG can contain. The length of the quest has been considerably expanded and the action is non stop! You'll need to talk with all of the towns people and get clues and weapons to press on with your mission. Keep heart, Dragon Warrior fans, you're going to be in for a real treat.

reggie posted a review

In this latest in the popular RPG series you play both night and day explore an entirely new style of dungeons, fly with a magic bird, use over 60 different spells, and more. Sounds like another hit!

reggie posted a review
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