Dragon's Lair

a game by Sony Imagesoft, and Motivetime Limited

Platforms: SNESSNESNESNESGameBoy Color

Genres: Action, Platformer

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Dragon's Lair

Here ye, all Dragon slayers! It has come to our attention that unemployment amongst ye of the dragon slaying profession hath gone through the roof. Well, ye need look no further, nor does thou need to scanneth the want ads. We have the opportunity thou seeketh.

Charcoal Breath

If your blood runs hot at the mere mention of lizardly goings on, then Data East has a side-scrolling, action/adventure SNES game that should singe your sinuses. Dragon's Lair is here, and although it's not a true portover of the classic animated laserdisc arcade game, it has the feel and fun of the medieval mishaps that made the original a smash hit.


  • Beware of the boiling battlement pots! The ground around them is very slippery. If Dirk isn't careful, he'll end up doing the Camelot trot right off the ledge.
  • If you're having trouble finding the right exits on dungeon levels (there are sometimes more than one), try to drop all the way to the floor and look for water. Swim to the right to find the real exit.

Dare to Be Different

In this alternating two-player game, you recreate the role of Dirk the Daring. Dirk must battle through five Stages with 25 levels of nail-biting, sword-swinging 100 action in search of his beloved Daphne, who's been kidnapped by the evil Mordroc. As Dirk, wind your way through Mordroc's castle by fighting across the embattlements, into the interior, and finally into the rank, reptilian bowels of the castle. In one hand, you carry your trusty sword; in the other, an assortment of Dragon-slaying items, such as Axes (very weak), Knives (better), and Shurikens (the best). You also discover, in true adventurer fashion, an assortment of goodies, like shields, 1-ups, weapons, and coins.

  • Don't break the crystal while you exit from the first dungeon. If you do, you'll receive the axe, which is ineffective against the powerful snake boss on the next level.
  • Be very careful when you throw shurikens -- one miss and your weapon boomerangs back at you.

Dragon's HO!!!!

You're gonna need all the weapons you can acquire and more to battle the ugly assortment of characters hangin' out around your homeboy. In addition to the snakes, bats, monkeys, and a very persistent, annoyingly-accurate dragon, there are haunted anvils, false floors, burning ropes, and other inanimate dangers. You actually have to think to get past some obstacles, unlike some hack and slash games. Warning: If you like your fighting straightforward, you might find Dragon Lair's puzzles a frustrating jaunt.

Anvils that don't vibrate when you move near them are safe to touch. You'll need to move these GEUTLY to cover unseen fires below you.

Dungeon Drudgery

Dragon's Lair has a few nicks in its shield. The game requires you to make some fairly difficult leaps of faith, which show you what it's like to fall off a castle. The graphics, though clean and well-animated, tend to be repetitive and the levels don't change (Battlement, Interior, Dungeon).

All in all, the challenge of this game should attract arcade slashers, while the cartoony graphics will appeal to kids. Hopefully, you're up to the quest, because Daphne's time runneth ever shorter.

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Dragon's Lair Downloads

SNES Dragon's Lair download
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: November 1993
  • Theme: Action
  • Number of Levels: 27

About 10 years ago, Dragon's Lair was released in the arcades and changed the way we play games. It was the first laserdisc video game that utilized actual cartoon footage. Back then, players could only dream of the possibility of playing a home version. Now with the capabilities of the Sega CD, it has become a reality.

Readysoft has made a near-perfect translation of the arcade classic in which Dirk must rescue Princess Daphne from the evil fire-breathing dragon. Everything from the music track and sound effects to the incredible animated footage that made the arcade game so popular are packed in here. Prepare to embark on the greatest of Sega CD adventures!

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Ready Soft
  • Machine: Sega CD

Frustration abounds in this CD version of the arcade classic. You have to have pinpoint accuracy to be able to survive this one, and believe me, it will definitely make you very angry! Still, graphically, the game is very well done.

reggie posted a review

From deep within Mordroc's Castle, a foul stench rises up to mix with the cold, damp midnight air. In the deadly caves far below the surface, the evil wizard's pet fire-breathing dragon, Singe, guards the captive Princess Daphne. You, Dirk the Daring, walk steadily toward the castle gate. You feel no fear - but then, fear is for cowards. Mo other would dare to enter this perilous castle where Mordroc has imprisoned the helpless princess. But for you, there is no other possible course to take. Now is the time for heroes. How is the time to enter the Dragon's Lair.

reggie posted a review

Put on your armor and get ready for a thrilling medieval quest from Data East. Venture into the castle of the evil wizard Mordroc. You must help Dirk the Daring rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne from the hideous beasts guarding her in the dark and foreboding dungeons. Hidden traps, lizards, and shadow knights will try to stop you along the way. Twenty-four enchanted levels await you if you dare ...

People say:


This game has some great graphics, fluid animation and real challenge, but I dislike the controls. They have a sluggish response that prevents any real quick action to develop. What is here, however, is really pretty fun, although intense action freaks might be disappointed, I liked the scope of this adventure.


Don't expect to blow through this game in one sitting. While it isn't an extremely difficult game, it is more frustrating until you master the way the game controls. The graphics are top notch and the sound is quite respectable though. Learn the controls and anticipate the enemy and you'll do OK in this game. Not bad!


The graphics and animation are top notch, but the main problem with the cart is the sloppy game play. There is very little control over your character and split second reactions are impossible. I think they should of made this more like the arcade version, instead we get a side scrolled that does get frustrating.


Although the game isn't at all like the old arcade coin-op, the side scrolling action is about average as games go. The graphics are colorful but the game just doesn't have the control that is needed to keep me interested. I die but not because I make a mistake. I hate having to anticipate ahead to even out bad controls.

reggie posted a review

People say:


Wow! Lately it seems like developers have found some untapped power in the GBC hardware, because there's no way a game like this should run so well on this little handheld. Maybe all the extra effort reflects certain companies' desires for a Game Boy Advance license. It's astounding how authentic Dragon's Lair Looks and plays. Unfortunately, once the shock of seeing what is tantamount to full-motion video running on the little Game Boy screen wears off, reality comes crashing down. Go left, go right, push the attack button, repeat ad nauseum. These FMV titles are little more than a digital game of Simon Says with pretty graphics, and Dragon's Lair is the worst offender of the bunch. The game is over way too fast. Also lacking is the sound, and I don't just mean music. Decent sound effects of any kind can't be found in this cartridge. It might be because all that animation takes up so much space. Tragically for Capcom, Dragon's Lair is hardly worth buying outside of getting a somewhat cool showpiece for your GBC, or for a low-budget trip down memory lane.

reggie posted a review

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