Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin

To the joy of Ecco lovers everywhere, the most famous mammal in the sea is swimming onto the Game Gear. Last year, Ecco the Dolphin made sensational splashes on the Genesis and the Sega CD to become one of the highest-rated titles of all time. What worked before works again in this fine handheld version.

Sea Quest

As in the previous games, Ecco the Dolphin is searching for his lost pod, crystalline Glyphs, and the secrets behind the storm that swept his friends from the sea. His ocean odyssey takes him through countless mazes that sprawl across 17 undersea levels. Along the way, he encounters every fish in the sea, including dangerous sharks, octopi, and stingrays. Life's no beach for Ecco. Thankfully, Ecco has his usual skills to make life easier. Sonar enables him to communicate with other dolphins in cryptic, hard-to-fathom messages. He can also access a Sonar Map that shows him locations of food, air, and enemies. Finally, Ecco moves and responds to controls well. He can high-jump better than Carl Lewis, swim fester than Mark Spitz, and Charge Attack more effectively than John Paul Jones.

A Sight to Sea

Ecco's games have always been wonderful to look at, and this one doesn't disappoint. Lavish colors and details fill every screen, making every level worth reaching just for the graphics alone. Eventually, the levels become redundant and start to look the same (as you'd expect, since there's only so much you can see underwater). However, when Ecco leaps into the air and does a quick, graceful somersault, it's a moment of pure Dolphin delight.

The sounds approach what's been done before, but they don't reach those previous lofty heights. The same dreamy, astral music you've come to know and love tends to drone on tinnily after awhile. The special effects are as good as ever, with lots of boings and splashes creating a realistic undersea environment.

A Dolphin's Dilemma

Despite all its attributes and political correctness, Ecco the Dolphin is not for everyone. Gamers who like lots of variety and intense action will be disenchanted with Ecco's slow and repetitive game play. What's intellectually stimulating to some players will be boring to others. For fans of Ecco, though, he's still the king of the sea.


  • Always explore the entire perimeter of Ecco's area.
  • If you've never played Ecco before, watch the helpful Demo Mode for good game-play tips.
  • Use your Sonar Map frequently, especially in the later, longer levels.
  • Use your Sonar frequently to get helpful hints wherever you go.
  • A leap at the beginning brings on the sudden storm that starts the action.
  • Sing to the Pteranadon, and he'll take Ecco for a quick flight.

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Ecco the Dolphin Downloads

Sega Master System Ecco the Dolphin download

Sega's popular undersea mammal, Ecco, is diving into the Game Gear. This one-player cart has 29 levels of undersea exploration, including oceans from the past and future. As he searches for his missing family, Ecco moves like a real dolphin and faces oceanic dangers, such as sharks and jellyfish.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: December 1993
  • Theme: Action

Something strange has happened to many of the ocean's life-forms - theyhave vanished from existence. Play as the brave dolphin, Ecco, and track down the whereabouts of your pod. Some creatures of the deep such as sharks, jellyfish and a very huge octopus may try to slow your progress. Although the graphics and sound aren't as good as the Genesis, the game play has been faithfully preserved. The levels are also huge and you may be lost sometimes. Luckily, you can navigate through the waterways with your sonar. The passwords help a lot for this long quest.

reggie posted a review
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