Eye of the Beholder

a game by Capcom, and Strategic Simulations

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

Eye of the Beholder is also hitting the shelves for the SNES. How does it compare? Remember that you're comparing a CD to a cart, and that's sort of like comparing a goblin to a troll...or something like that!

ProTip: The easiest way to off the Beholder Is using the Wand of Silvias, which you'll get from the dwarves on Level 5 after retrieving the potion that awakens their king. Use it to force him back into his own trap.

Eye, Eye, Captain

The SNES version is decidedly the weaker translation, and that's not simply a function of the limitations of its cartridge format. (The only obvious CD enhancements are the spoken intro, lavish game music, and digitized sound.) The SNES dungeon graphics are brighter and hotter, but they're implemented at the expense of the game's dusky realism and have a curiously squashed quality, as though the dungeon was supporting some immense weight. In addition, the background against which the windows are placed is dirty black, as opposed to the Sega CD's royal blue, and the backpack has been moved to a less convenient spot.

Everything else in both versions is almost identical, so if you're going to be holdin' on to Beholder, make it the Sega CD version.

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  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Machine: SNES

A brand new copy of an old, tired idea, complete with a clumsy fighting system and lacking any kind of auto-mapping feature. If your ancestors had ever fought this way, you wouldn't be here now.

reggie posted a review

The Lords of Waterdeep have gathered together the greatest warriors of the Forgotten Realms. It seems that an evil is growing underneath the City of Splendors and someone must find a way to stop it before it awakens.

Choose from a huge array of fighters, clerics, magic users and thieves. You can only have four characters in your party, so you should try to keep things balanced. Set out into the sewers deep below the city, and begin the search that will lead to either fame and fortune or a quick death.

You start out equipped with the bare essentials and a few hit points to your name. However, in the time, you will find items that will grant you power in combat.

Are you brave enough to conquer this immense journey?

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: CAPCOM
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: HARD
  • Theme: RPG

The people of Waterdeep have one heck of a problem. Seemingly endless streams of monsters are appearing from out of nowhere. You are to find the origin of this evil and destroy it, if you can. Begin your journey underneath the city in the foul sewers. As you enter the sewers, you hear a massive earth slide and whip around to see that your only visible entrance and exit has been blocked off by a staggering amount of rocks. Now you can only follow your original orders and hope you find an exit in the process.

This is a true translation of the popular PC game. Create all four of your characters and hope you have designed the right batch to get you through. This is a 3-D perspective game that allows you to use either your controller or, more preferably, a mouse if you have one. The mouse will make the game much easier to play.

reggie posted a review
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