F1 Hero MD

a game by Varie, and Satoru Nakajima

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Racing

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The NES has been lacking many racing titles for a long time...until now! Now, we have the sequel to F1-Hero, a Famicom favorite, F1-Hero 2! Push your car to the limits as you zoom around corners at back-breaking speeds! The first challenge is to merely qualify for the big race. F1-Hero 2 will keep track of your position throughout the race, and you can even pick a manual shift for real accelerating power!

People say:


This driver, like others that have been offered on the NES, is limited in many ways but also delivers some thrills. If you've played other drivers you won't really find much in the way of innovation here, but the action does come at a decent pace and the graphics are adequate. Not the best, not the worst.


This racer goes where all others have gone before. It is marginally better than most and, while it has some good options it falls short on holding a person's interest. The split screen two player head-to-head version is the most challenging to date and brings the rating to an above average score.


F-1 is a good driver for the 8-Bit. The graphics are nothing to shout about but the game play is actually very good. There are a number of different tracks and plenty of options to choose from. The only thing that bugs me is that 8-Bit drivers are all the same to me and I rather not play them. Only average.


F1-Hero held my interest for a little while, but it quickly became tedious and frustrating. The idea was wonderful, but the execution just lacks appeal. The graphics are blocky and the control is non-existent. The NES really needs a high-powered racing title, but sadly to say, this game just doesn't qualify.

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Varie has taken a well designed auto racing game and enhanced it with 16 bit graphics. Not only does it play exceptionally smooth but it is spiced up with digitized graphics throughout the game.

reggie posted a review
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