Faceball 2000

a game by Xanth Software

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Genres: Action, Shooting Games

Faceball 2000

Usually 16-bit games get shrunk down for the Game Boy. Faceball 2000 by Bullet- Proof Software goes the other way, and scores big.

Play Ball with Faceball

Faceball 2000 for the SNES takes essentially the same tag 'em and bag 'em action from the popular Game Boy cart and gussies it up with outta sight SNES graphics. You enter a bizarre series of mazes to play virtual reality dodge ball with a bunch of smiley-faced, geometric creatures gone berserk called Smiloids.

At its wildest, the game's like a 1970's nightmare flashback. Smiley Faces swarm around you. Every time they knock you for a loop, they say, "Have a nice day". The silly, vapid phrase drives you nuts after awhile. You gotta admire such a deliciously depraved sense of humor!

Maze Daze

There are two basic games: Cyberzone and Arena. Yes, that's Cyberzone not Cyberscape, Game Boy Faceball fans. Unlike GB Cyberscape, where you had to search for the exit, Cyberzone focuses on Smiloid smackin' fun. You merely zap a certain number of Smiloids to reveal the way out. The 'Zone consists of 41 increasingly tough levels, plus eight Bonus Levels. You won't beat this game anytime soon!


  • As soon as you enter a Level, swing immediately around. You never know what's waiting behind you.
  • The Master Smiloid isn't the only surprise on the 41st Level. Arena is a one-time, free-for-all. It's you versus the Smiloid All-Stars. You pick one of 16 mazes. First team to score 10 hits gets to tell the other team to "Have a nice day!"
  • One successful strategy in a two- player Arena match is to position yourself to cover each other.


The Smiloid opposition has rolled over from the Game Boy version. Shootmes, lshootu2s, Rovers, Gremlins, Turkeys, and the obnoxious Bouncers are out in force.

  • In the easy early levels of Cyberzone, don't exit until you find the power- ups. For example, Level 1 has Annor and a Speed-Up. Level 2 and Level 6 have Shields. Level 3 has a Sensor and a Weapon.
  • To attack moving Smiloids from afar, such as Gremlins, fire a string of balls across their paths.

To help against your good-natured geometric foes, you can find power-ups hidden in special Pods. Power-ups include Armor, Speed-Ups, and Sensors, which reveal your foes on your Level Radar.

Put on a Happy Face

Faceball's graphics are SNES sharp. There's really not that much variety to them, but oh how they move through those weird mazes! You get an awesome first-person perspective of the action, which surrounds you with the labyrinthine Faceball environment. Some of the backgrounds are knockouts.

Two-player games feature a slick split-screen view. In versus games, you can see yourself in your opponent's screen. However, the cheat factor isn't significant. The music and the sound effects are just right. You might even turn up the volume.

Have a Nice Play

Faceball 2000 is a simple game concept that works. What you see is what you get. So, if you like what you see and read here, get it. The only thing this game's missing is the Game Boy's four-player capability. Until that SNES technological breakthrough occurs, that's right...have a nice daaaaaay!

Faceball 2000 Downloads

SNES Faceball 2000 download
  • Bullet-Proof Software / Super NES;

Blow away those smiley faces with Faceball 2000 for the Super NES! Select from 15 odd-ball faces and head straight into the combat ring!

One or two players can compete in the Cyberzone or Arena areas. In Cyberzone, you will not only fight each other, but you must face a selectable number of other Smiloids.

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Set in a three dimensional, first person perspective maze world, you are a sphere in search of a way out! Play against the machine or get three other friends and link up to make the best multiperson GameBoy game made! Besides looking for the exit, search out the other player's spheres and shoot them. Watch out, as they are doing the same. Choose the Cyberscape option or go for the real challenge in the Arena.

** As you get to the higher levels, the computer enemies become smarter. Watch behind you, because these adversaries will try to shoot you in the back!**

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A combination of hide and seek and tag, Faceball 2000 features first person perspective. Up to four people can play, and the game takes place in real time. Faceball features over 80 levels.

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Based on the GameBoy title from Bullet Proof Software, FaceBall 2000 is sort of a modern day stress reliever. You're a smiley face with a bad attitude and you must go around a maze and blast your rivals.

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If you had a "nice day" with Faceball 2000 for the 7 Game Boy, get set to put on a new Smiley face with the Super NES game due out in June. Here's a preview of Bullet-Proof Software's 16-bit version of virtual reality tag-ball.

About Faceball

Faceball fa the SNES sports clean 16-bit graphics that will make Game Boy Faceball fanatics go ga-ga. But they'll surely miss the monochrome handheld's four-player capability. Other than that, the game of Faceball is essentially unchanged.

One or two people chase each other, or a grinning gang of "Smiley" Faces called Smiloids, through two sets of mazes, Arena and Cyberscape. In Arena, you'll play through 14 mazes against another player or versus computer-controlled Smiloids. Cyberscape will consist of more than 75 mazes overrun by Smiloids. You toss a ball at your opponents to "tag" them -- three tags and they're out.

As in the Game Boy version, you can find Pods which contain 15 different Prizes and Power-ups. The Smiloid opposition has rolled over from the Game Boy too. Shootme's, Ishootu's, Turkey's, Rover's, Gremlin's, and Bouncer's are all out in force.

The game sports great 16-bit background graphics, including a city setting, a red volcanic landscape, and a snowy Ice Age environment. You can also choose the cola and shape of your Smiloid character.

During two-player games, both players' views appear on-screen at the same time. No fair peeking in versus mode.

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Faceball 2000 may sound very similar to its Game Boy progenitor, but FB probably won't need a total facelift to be an outrageously fun SNES game. It's a video game concept that just plain works!

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