Fantasy Zone

a game by Tengen, Sega, and Sanritsu

Platforms: NESNESSega Master SystemSega Master SystemGameGear

Genres: Action, Shooting Games

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  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: SMS

Here's a tip that will let you build up your arsenal of ships: when you see the message screen during the demo mode, as the story scrolls by, press the directional pad 50 times before starting the game. If you earn $10,000 without going to the shop, the first time you enter, the store will give you the opportunity to buy nine ships for $9,000. Quite a bargain!

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  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Sega Master System

As fans of the last two Fantasy Zone games (Fantasy Zone and Fantasy Zone II) know, the evil Menons have twice attacked the Zone in an attempt to obtain a planetary system to replace their own dying one. Twice before, the Menons were defeated - but they are back again.

Now the Menons have built a series of mazes on each of the seven Fantasy Zone planets. It's up to you, as the now-famous Opa-Opa, to find your way through all of the mazes and destroy the Menons. Because Opa-Opa has been weakened by his previous encounters with the Menons, his younger brother, Upa-Upa, is available to help him on his new quest.

Fantasy Zone: The Maze is like a state-of-the-art Pac-Man. Like its predecessor, each maze is filled with dots (coins) that must be gathered up in order to proceed to the next round. As you work your way through each screen, you must avoid the enemy soldiers that patrol each maze. Unlike Pac-Man, there's no limit to the number of enemies that can be on the screen. Many mobile bases travel the mazes, and each time the master hole in the center of the maze turns red, a plasma wave will be sent out, that will release enemy soldiers from one of the mobile bases. Each time you run over the hole, it loses all its energy and has to build it up again. In this way, you can control, to an extent, the number of soldiers pursuing you.

Also unlike Pac-Man, Opa-Opa (and Upa-Upa in a two-player, cooperative game) has available to him a number of weapons that may be purchased with the coins he has gathered. These weapons include Twin Shot, Wide Beam, Laser Beam, Heavy Bomb, Fire Bomb, Top Power and Big Wing, each of which adds, for a short period of time or until Opa-Opa loses a life, extra combat power.

Once you complete a round, you move on to a bonus screen that consists of an invisible maze containing coins. You are briefly shown the maze, after which it disappears, and you must make your way to the prizes with only the portion of the maze surrounding you revealed.

Fantasy Zone: The Maze adds many interesting twists to the old Pac-Man theme. The addition of the weapons especially gives this game a greater depth. The graphics are okay, though nothing sensational, and the sound effects are good. The player should be warned, however, that the control pads make less than ideal control devices for this type of game. It's difficult to get Opa-Opa to go exactly where you want him to go, and you'll sometimes swear that the game has a mind of its own.

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A favorite of Sega owners, this fast-paced shoot-em-up on acid takes you through seven wicked worlds filled with some of the most bizarre creations imaginable. Huge Boss characters and fantastic power-ups make the Turbo version the best yet.

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What do you get when you combine the cuteness of the little Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone with the spectacular first person type perspective action/shooter Space Harrier? NEC Avenue (the branch of NEC which is responsible for doing the 'translations' from other systems to the PC Engine) is showing us a new version of Fantasy Zone which is exciting and very challenging. Spectacular backgrounds and explosive action help make this a must have game for all who want to put their lightning-quick reflexes to a test. The Buy Shop (Weponalds - a spoof on McDonalds) is more of the cuteness that NEC Avenue is known for! Of special importance are the huge bosses that don't seem to die very easily.

reggie posted a review
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