Fear Factor: Unleashed

a game by Hip Games

Platform: GBA

Genre: Action

I think it's fair to say that Fear Factor: Unleashed is probably the only Game Boy game on the market where you can virtually vomit. And if you play it too much, you might repeat the act in real life. This hodge-podge collection of low-res graphics and embarrassingly easy mini-games doesn't deserve to have the Nintendo name anywhere near it. After playing it, I felt like swabbing out the cartridge slot.

You start the game by creating a character, deciding on some pretty basic visual and character attributes. Once the character is created, the game randomly generates a phobia for your character ' which will come in to play as you work your way through the game's different challenges. The game itself is basically a collection of poorly conceived mini-games based on some of the challenged from the television show. You'll have to thrash around in a pirahanna-infested tank of water, ride scooters on a racetrack in the sky and eat from a glass tank filled with wiggling bugs. (If you fail at the bug challenge your character actually sprays a jet of liquid from his mouth.) The only twist to the mini-games is that you have to balance your fear factor by tapping the right and left shoulder buttons to keep the meter centered.

This is, perhaps, the worst game I've ever played for any Nintendo console. I can't believe someone managed to get it published.

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