Flying Dragon

  • Manufacturer: Nintendo

You'll face the toughest challengers from six different styles of fighting, at the World Tournament of Contact Sports. The gong has sounded. Now it's up to you to become the World Champion.

The refined game play and sophisticated action will leave you breathless with excitement. When it comes to realistic kung-fu games, there's only one champion - Flying Dragon

Many secret await you!

Set forth on a journey to regain the Secret Scrolls and the hidden techniques they hold.

The power of justice

Only by completing the mandara seal can you gain its mystical powers and defeat Dargon, the lord of the Tusk Soldiers.

Training session

Start your training at Shorinji, the legendary birthplace of Kung-Fu.

Defeat the soldiers from darkness

It's Dargon, and he's transformed into a deadly opponent! You'll need the ultimate move, the Hiryu-no-Ken kick, to knock him down!

You will be a hero!

Fight your way through the World Tournament of Contact Sports. Victory will be in your hands.

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