Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball

Big Hurt is coming to town! Frank Thomas delivers state-of-the-art graphics with the use of Acclaim's motion-capture and bluescreen studios. In bringing you the most realistic video baseball game, Acclaim utilized their technology to capture Frank Thomas' baseball movements (running, batting and even fielding) to create the most realistic baseball game for any home system.

Big Hurt Baseball features several play modes from Regular Play to the Top o' the Ninth. Sponsored by the MLBPA, expect to have more than 700 major league players and their attributes and skills.

If you're planning to play the entire season, a battery back-up will save and continue where you left off. This game offers features like stadium animations and sounds that bring the Big Show directly to your home. Watch out for this one. It'll take you by surprise!

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"Big Hurt" Baseball offers smooth gameplay and excellent control along with such options as Season and All Star games. Graphically, the field and players look excellent and there is good animation of swings and throws. Unlike the 16-bit versions, this Hurt provides a new field of dreams.

reggie posted a review

With Frank Thomas "Big Hurt" Baseball, Acclaim tried (and failed) to mimic World Series' fast-paced, gripping gameplay. Watching Little League players would be more exciting than struggling with Big Hurt's shoddy controls, scant features, and no-brainer action.

Basic Ball

Big Hurt starts off in either Exhibition, Playoff, Season, Clutch Situations, and Home Run Derby mode. Before hitting the field, you choose from all the Major League teams, but the MLBPA license means that only real-life players step up to the plate -- the teams are named after the cities. While you can adjust fielding strategy, you can't draft, create, or trade players, and you're equipped with merely three pitches and two swings.

The awful controls prevent the game from coming to life. To pitch, you have to wade through menus to set the ball's various attributes, but the unwieldy process interferes with tight, strategic pitching. The simple batting works smoothly, but during fielding, the view tracks the ball so tightly that it's often impossible to make the play.

Frankly Bad

The graphics are this game's lone bright spot. Like World Series, large, realistic sprites race through well-detailed representations of big- league stadiums. The animations frequently stutter, though, marring the game's eye-catching look.

In the sound department, dead silence accompanies most games. Crowd noise shows up as a muted hiss, the ball and bat effects sound tinny, and a nervous kid on a first date speaks more often than this game's announcer.

With the strong batting order of other baseball games, bench Big Hurt in a hurry. Better 16-bit fields have been built for years.

ProTip: Slide your batter to the left or right in line up on the pitch.

reggie posted a review

Vying for supremacy against World Series '95 and Triple Play puts Frank Thomas's bland baseball sim in a world of hurt.

Let's Be Frank

There's nothing awful here, but there aren't a lot of exceptional features either. Standard options include Exhibition, Season, and Playoff games; a Home Run Derby; and Clutch Time situations where you make the plays.

Since the game has all the real major-league players, you can assume it was a cost-saving measure to skip the real logos and team names. An edit option, however, enables you to replace the substituted city name with the real McCoy.

The gameplay is resoundingly average and, at times, glitchy. For instance, when you bring your right fielder in to scoop the ball, it magically appears in his glove when he's about seven feet away.

The pitching is straightforward, and you can put aftertouches on the ball. But fielding is difficult because your players move slowly.

Field of Dreams

Graphically, the player animation is terrific. Your swinging batter isn't as detailed as the batter in World Series, but he moves better. Disastrously, the ballparks don't even look remotely authentic.

The sounds are mostly average with the familiar ballpark jingle. But static crowd noise and jagged voices drive it foul.

The call at the plate is to play baseball on another field or rent Frank Thomas before you buy.

ProTip: Choosing a pitcher with less than a 100 percent effectiveness rating is risky.

reggie posted a review

Damn!!! What we see is a baseball emulator again and again…

reggie posted a review
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