Frankenstein: The Monster Returns

  • Type: Action
  • Available: Autumn 1991
  • Levels: 4
  • Difficulty: Average

For years the monster that has once terrorized the innocent village. Now the monster is alive, and ready to take on the village once again! Armed with an arsenal of different weapons and magical items needed to lay the monster dead for the last time. Many strange creatures will try to stand in your way as you hack and slash through the levels that await your arrival and for your destruction. Be brave, valiant hero.

People say:


Frankenstein is one of those games that is just almost there. I like some of the basic set-ups that the game delivers, it just comes off as being a little too rough around the edges. The graphics are cool, but the lack of real diversity in game play is what hampers Frank the most.


Frankenstein is a game that is good on last year's standards. With a little more attention to details and some final tweaking it could have been a hit. As it's only a bit better than average and just doesn't stand apart from the rest of average games out there.


This cart is not a bad action game nor is it a great game either. The main character is limited to a few moves and picking up weapons. The graphics arg OK, it looks like you're beating the monsters with a chicken leg though. Just another average action cart for the NES.


I'm sorry, but I'm not all too excited about this game. Frankenstein is a great idea, but the control isn't precise enough to make the game any fun. I'll attribute this problem to the 8-bit barrier once more. Otherwise, it is cool, with a few minor quirks to overlook.

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  • Machine: Nintendo

For years, all was peaceful in the country hamlet as the villagers tried to forget the days of carnage when he roamed the land. Surely they'd suffered enough.

But one day, a flash of lightning from the heavens struck the monster's tomb. Just like the bolt of energy that had first given him life, it awakened him again.

As Frankenstein begins, the fiendish monster has ransacked the village and kidnapped Emily, the beautiful daughter of a village elder. He has also used evil magic to gather a band of monster bodyguards to protect himself from foolhardy rescue parties.

But the only rescue party in this game is you - the fate of Emily and the villagers rests entirely on your shoulders.

You have to fight your way through four stages on your way toward your ultimate encounter with Frankenstein's monster. In each stage, you'll confront increasing numbers of vicious bodyguards. Destroy the monsters by punching, kicking, and using weapons you find on your journey.

Keep an eye on the energy meter at the top left comer of the screen. When you're hit by a monster, you lose energy, and when all your energy is gone, your character collapses. Frankenstein allows two continues for restarting the game from the stage where you collapsed.

Each stage also has a boss monster you must defeat. Before you fight, the game switches to a dialogue screen on which the monster calls you ugly names and challenges you to battle. Since sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you, just skip the dialogue screen by pushing the A button.

Be careful when battling the boss monsters. They are far more powerful than the ordinary monsters, and it takes many blows to defeat them. If you make it past all four bosses and through the Evil Dimension, you'll find yourself face-to-face with the fiendish, oversized Frankenstein's monster.

Frankenstein is an arcade-style, scrolling shoot-em-up with a wide variety of graphics, but sometimes the screens get a little too cluttered for you to keep a sharp eye on the enemy.

reggie posted a review

We've Created a Monster!

Frankenstein is alive and he's headed for your living room. Push your Nintendo system to the limit with awesome graphics and mind-melting action that you won't find in ordinary games. Saving the beautiful Emily from the clutches of the monster will put your gaming skills on the line as you punch, kick, hack, chop, smash, burn, and bomb your way through a ghoulish army of horrific enemies, each determined to bring you to a sticky end. Battle your way through the creep infested village, the treacherous forest, the horrible graveyard, and the castle of doom, before even thinking of setting foot or sword in the evil dimension where your strength anb spirit will be put to the final test. We created the monster's up to you to destroy him!

reggie posted a review
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