Freedom Force

The world is in peril! Aliens are threatening to destroy our life as we know it! What we need now is a hero, no wait we need a force'the Freedom Force! Blessed with the extraordinary gifts bestowed upon them by the awesome 'Energy X,'? the Freedom Force launches into action in a do-or-die mission to save the planet. Led by the powerful Minuteman and the alien psychic Mentor, the Freedom Force will fight through 20 comic book style missions ala' a tactical RPG.

Freedom Force, is a knock down drag out blast that takes a completely original team of superheroes and dumps you into the 'golden age of comics'? with campy dialogue and clever visuals. Players are entrenched in an engaging story line that unfolds like a series of comic books. Each hero has certain strengths and weaknesses and it's up to you to decide who would be best suited for the numerous missions.

Taking a tip from comic books themselves, characters interact with the environment as much as they do with the bad guys'light posts can be uprooted and used as a baseball bat, while barrels of gasoline can be thrown at enemies. Players must be careful not to damage too much city property or civilians and numerous 'secondary'? missions are invoked in order to 'level up'? your team of heroes.

Truly an original idea, this is hands down the best superhero game ever. With comics on the upswing, gamers of all ages will enjoy the challenges and ultimately the story that is unfolded before you. The additions of online play and hero creation are just icing on the cake.

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