Full Throttle All-American Racing

Full Throttle Racing unites motorcycles and jet skis; unfortunately, neither race is wildly thrilling, and the two don't add up to one great game.

Half Full

You've seen these races before. You steer from a behind-the-vehicle perspective as forward-scrolling tracks and obstacles rush toward you and distant backgrounds remain very distant. You kick out against nearby racers a la Road Rash, and you steer toward Nitro and Repair icons. Earn money to improve your vehicle.


  • Switch to wet tires for rainy tracks like those in Louisiana and Michigan.
  • Rookies may Had it hard to coordinate the steering and kicking. At first, just concentrate on avoiding obstacles.

The bikes are speedy, and the jet skis do turn sharply, but that aggressive kick isn't very helpful. It'll be awhile before you consistently win your races with these average controls.

Back in the Pack

The graphics look like most other racing games. The national tour gives you lots of famous American backgrounds, but foreground details and racing effects, such as sparks from collisions, are minimal. At least your cyclist really leans into turns, and you get decent wipeouts.

In the sound department, this game continues to be average. There's energetic music and typical sound effects like whining engines, but nothing you'll get excited about.

Racing fiends who must compete on every SNES track should give this one a shot just for the vehicles and backgrounds. But if you're looking for greatness, go elsewhere, speed racers, go elsewhere.

You can slightly brush obstacles, but head-on collisions send you flyin'.

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