a game by Leland Interactive Media, and Tradewest

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genres: Action, Educational/Kids

See also: Fun Games

  • Theme: Edutainment

For a simple way to relax from all the fighting carts and shooters out there, try Fun & Games. For both the Super Nintendo and the Genesis, Fun & Games offers a number of inspiring levels that will bring out the artist in you.

Fun & Games contains a drawing program, a music system, and much more. Other games include a "dress-up" of a cartoon character, and a lightning fast action game, for something a little more intense.

As a point of interest, this game was awarded the Good Housekeeping Award. The first ever for a video game. It's a real honor. Fun & Games is an entertaining cart, no matter which way you look at it. It's an inexpensive way to exercise your creative skills.

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The title says it all! This is a good non-action game almost anyone can enjoy! Several areas of play, but one of the best is the painting! This will keep one glued to their television set for hours just having fun! One of those rare games.

reggie posted a review

This four-in-one game offers very young gamers four experiences: a paint program, video games, a Magic Music Machine, and a "doll dress-up" option. Bouncy music and colorful graphics will help small children through Barney withdrawal.

ProTip: Use the sound cues In Mouse Maze to tell you when you can chase the cats.

The two video games are simplified versions of Pac-Man and a space shooter that even novice gamers will tire of. The paint and music options are better because of the sheer variety of drawings and compositions you can easily create (though MarioPaint is better). The strange Stylin' Stuff mode enables you to fashion accessorize a woman while voices shout "Rad!" Fun 'n Games fills the time pleasantly and nonviolently, but even children will admit the fun is measured in modest amounts.

Shoot the monster's head -- not his body -- in Space Lazer.

reggie posted a review

Looking for a game to keep younger gamers out of your hair? Check out Fun 'N' Games. It has more than seven games and activities. There's a paint program, a music composer and synthesizer, a build-your- own-monster module, and more. You can kill some time shooting baskets, flying a spaceship, or dressing up characters.

reggie posted a review

This is the collection of games and... programs for entertainment. We shall begin with the games. There are three of them: a mouse running in a labyrinth, game "Strike the clown" and something like the emulator of an antiaircraft gun. And still there is a quite good musical synthesizer with a heap of the options, two programs for creation of identities, and the GRAPHIC EDITOR!!! This is a very interesting rom, obligatory for all.

reggie posted a review
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