G-Loc Air Battle

a game by Sega, and AM R&D Dept.

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSega Master SystemSega Master SystemGameGear

Genres: Action, Flying

G-Loc is a single-player, jet fighter combat game for the Genesis that packs a punch, but lacks that killer instinct. Using two different perspectives (behind-the-jet and behind-the-cockpit), you pilot an MKII Sega "Zeek' through 16 stages. Your goal is to shoot down a set number of incoming fighters and land targets within a given time limit.

Your Zeek is equipped with Bullets, Missiles, and Afterburners (for speed). Your missile sights automatically lock in on targets, so the challenge is basically shooting down your quota of fighters and beating the clock.

After each mission, it's time to replenish. You "shop" for Missiles, Armor, and Bullets. You'll need those bullets, too! For some reason, it's tough to consistently line your sights on enemy aircraft. At least the controls enable you to pull dizzying turns, rolls, and loops.

ProTip: Load up on Air-to-Air Missiles first, and then get Heavy Armor.

Crash Sights and Sounds

G-LOC moves fast, but the graphics are tame. Your tour of duty puts you in some nondescript theaters of war, such as the ocean, the open sky, and a desert scene with pillars (which you must avoid a la Afterburner II. The two game perspectives change without warning, so watch out. The view inside the cockpit is pretty, but useless since there's nothing on the panel that you can control (speed, altitude, etc.).

The average instrumentals in this game don't break any sound barriers. In fact, the massive roar of the engines and the piercing sound of bullets hitting metal are strangely absent.

Plane and Simple

If you roar into this game, remember G-LOC is not a looker, just a fighter. However, inter- few more planes to shoot mediate players won't break a sweat on this game's easy stages. G-LOC means "Lloss of Consciousness due to G-Force." It could happen to you, but probably not in this game.

Pull a barrel roll to twist out of sticky situations.

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Sega Genesis G-Loc Air Battle download

G-Loc was always a fantastic flight combat simulator in the arcades! Courtesy of Sega, EGM got this exclusive sneak preview of this hot air combat soft. Set in a first-person perspective, you pilot your fighter through the thickest enemy-soaked territories in an attempt to wipe them out! Your cannons and missiles are your only friends in the heat of the battle!

While still early in development, this shooter could be hot!

reggie posted a review

This game offers nine intense missions filled with a huge amount of enemies just waiting to blow you to pieces before you get to them.

reggie posted a review

G-LOC is a scaled-down version of an excellent Sega jet combat coin-op. Here you pilot nine missions to annihilate the evil Future World Army. Fly the first eight in any order you like as you blast certain numbers of enemy aircraft, tanks, or ships.

Two Is Better than One

G-LOC's graphics are sharp, but uninspired. The enemy hardware and the scenery - desert, sea, and air - look good, but there isn't a lot of variety.

The aerial combat versus the computer is also pretty good, but standard stuff. You get a first-person, from-the-cockpit view of the action. You see enemies either coming straight at you or from the rear as they pass by. Use the directional pad to position your sights on them and blast 'em. You can climb, dive, and bank left and right. If you're attacked from behind, you can pull a mean loop, which is the only major move in the game.


  • Save missiles for tanks and ships. Guns are good enough to intercept fighters.

  • If you pull a loop to escape a bogie on your tail, be prepared to shoot, you almost always wind up on his tail.

At least beating the computer requires some strategy. Each mission has a time limit, and completing a mission scores points, which you need in order to upgrade weapons, replenish fuel, and re-arm.

Upgrade armor and fuel capacity first, then trade for a Vulcan cannon.

reggie posted a review
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