Galaxy Force

a game by AM R&D Dept.

Platform: Sega Master SystemSega Master System

Genre: Shooting Games

See also: Galaxy Games

Galaxy Force
  • Type: Shooter
  • Levels of Play: 5
  • Release: 10/10/1989
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Blast into orbit with Activision's fourth release for the Sega Master System, Galaxy Force. Commanding an intergalactic star fighter, you must choose the planet to attack and blow you way through the alien defenses on the surface. Reach the inner chambers of the planets and game play switches to inside the planet where you must traverse the winding corridors that lead to the nuclear reactor. Destroy the power core and blow the planets out of the stars.

People say:


Galaxy Force was nothing special in the arcades and it hasn't been improved much here. The game does have some fantastic graphics, but doesn't take advantage of the four meg powering it. Instead of an intergalactic conflict, you're treated to another shoot-em-up - this time with pretty graphics.


This is After Burner in a spaceship with graphically detailed action sequences set in outer space. However, with only four different landscapes in a four-meg cart, Galaxy Force just doesn't have enough. It's outstanding in many ways, but with more screens and variety it could be superb.


Above average graphics help this pretty straihtforward shooter. Things get kind of choppy in some areas, however. Not a lot of variety - if you get through one round you've basically gotten through them all.


Activision's After Burner with better graphics but not as many levels. The backgrounds, especially over the fire world and when fighting the last Boss, are extremely cool. If it had more rounds it would have been better, but as it is now Galaxy Force is pretty good for a shooter.

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