Generations Lost

a game by Pacific Softscape

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Platformer

  • Machine: Genesis;
  • Manufacturer: Time Warner Interactive; Pacific Softscape

Travel through the forest smashing birds, climbing trees, and shocking monkeys. Generations Lost tries a different storyline and sharp graphics to keep from getting lost in the pack of side-scrollers.

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Flashback attack! Fans of Flashback or Blackthorne will immediately recognize and breeze through this game. Generations Lost should have been called Imagination Lost, since everything in it has appeared in side-view platform games before.

Generation Gap

In Generations Lost, you play Monobe, an unassuming Fabio look-alike, who goes off in search of a world that used to exist. As the story progresses, you find that the world was run by Kharpanters (carpenters), and people who worship a small glowing box that spews information. These former inhabitants of your jungle world have left a series of traps for you to figure out so that you can progress.


  • If you aim for a branch or ledge and your gun doesn't fire, try another part of the branch or search the area for a super Erad recharger.
  • These triangular pods give you the ability to web- swing through a stage. Try changing direction in midswing to advance to other levels.
  • Look for breaks in structures or walls for entrances to hidden areas. This one in the Generator level leads to an extra life.

You trek through the areas with your Erad, an instrument that you use for climbing and sometimes for fighting. You also find a variety of other items, including shields, a seek-and-destroy orb. and more. Where are they? In Flashback-like weapon pods. Getting them (and getting to them) isn't hard at all.

Although most of the humans are gone, you'll fight the mutants that stayed behind. The backgrounds take you from the pale and undetailed jungle into various factory settings, which are cluttered by detail. They're nothing to write home about.

Be careful of these stone floor traps. When you step on them, a spiked boulder will fall directly from above.

Lost and Found

The main character sprite is a big 'un, with great detail and nice coloring. His movements are a little stiff, and his roll move, though similar to the roll move in Flashback, is not as smooth. He faces standard enemies, and, even worse, there aren't any end-level bosses.

The generic music is mixed with some good jungle noises, but the sound effects throughout the rest of the game are no big deal. Grunts, groans, and mutant yells all lack flair and substance.

  • You must come back to release this trap a second time to advance to the left.
  • You must memorize the sequence on these door locks, then press Button A, B, or C accordingly, along with Left or Right on the joypad.

Generating a Loss

Gamers who thought that Flashback or Blackthorne was too long will enjoy this game. Generations Lost is a lot like diet soda: a little light, but eventually you're going to want the hard stuff again.

Can't get past this area? Shoot up at the rock, which will shake and fall.

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