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Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Shooting Games

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The call of the wild has been heard! Pestilent poachers are hunting our wildlife and driving it to extinction. Don't just sit there! Grab your jungle garb and start kicking tail! These guys are serious and it's a real zoo out there.

These cruel crooks have tons of elephants, gorillas, eagles, lions, and other animals locked-up in cages facing cruel captivity. You have to fight fierce poachers and free the captured animals. The animals will help you against the poachers if you help them. Watch out though, the poachers will take your hide all me same! You will need fists of fury to pound out this group of goons. Be on the lookout for weapons you can take from your enemies too.

These can help equal overpowering odds.

If you are hoping to swing from vines in buckskin briefs, you are climbing up the wrong tree. You need to punch in and get to work. There's no time to waste. Put justice back in the jungle!

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Here is another fighting game exclusively for the Genesis. You must stop poachers from killing off all of the animals. Use your super punches and kicks to deal with deadly enemies. Pick up whips, machine guns, grenades, swords and more as you fight and free animals along the way. Massive action awaits you!

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Similar in concept to Double Dragon, you must use your martial arts skills to rescue the captured animals!

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A new martial arts game, of the Double Dragon genre, from Taito featuring new and innovative moves.

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