Guerrilla War

a game by SNK

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

Guerrilla War

The Reign of Terror

Your once peaceful tropical island is under siege. An evil dictator has taken over the country and controls the Capital City. Armies of hostile troops, heavily armed with deadly artillery, crawl through the thick, tropical jungles. They are constantly on the alert for unwelcome intruders.

You are the Guerilla Leader. You face the task of landing secretly on the island, battling enemy troops, freeing trapped hostages and fighting your way to the Capital City. Your mission—to free your country from this unfriendly takeover and become the hero of the revolution!

Cry Revolution

The moment you disembark from your battle-worn river boat you are embroiled in a fierce, non-stop battle scene the likes of which you've never experienced.

Battle through eight levels of play under a constant barrage of enemy explosives from land, air and sea. Struggle through the hot, steamy jungle. Survive a river raid. Shoot your way into a coal mine and lasso hostages into your speeding railroad car. Breach the Capital City. Fight your way through the city sewer's underground maze of tunnels and stagnant pools.

Fanatic enemy soldiers, willing to die for the cause, oppose you every step of the way. They may all look the same but watch for their different attack patterns. Enemy tanks rain death and destruction on you, as they steamroll through the defenseless villages. Some fire flames and others bomb you with explosive shells,

Use your ammunition supply of grenades, machine guns, flame throwers, and sheer brute force to infiltrate the enemy fortresses. Kill red soldiers and collect special weapons such as bullet launchers, flame throwers, and three way bullet machine guns.

Blasting yellow soldiers can reveal such special items as the clearing bomb, bonus points, and extra lives. Frantic frightened pigs and chickens dash back and forth in the melee. Shoot them for extra points.

Terror-stricken hostages are trapped in all the areas. Use your skills to rescue them any way you can. In their fear and excitement they may run in the wrong direction.


  • Look for the hidden power ups that energize you as you fight for survival.
  • Don't accidentally shoot your hostages or you'll lose 500 points.

If you succeed in making your way to the last level you face a brutal fight to the finish with the dictator. The last enemy base is the heavily guarded ammo dump. Blow this up and you're clear to head for the Palace and the mad tyrant himself. With cunning and stamina you can maneuver your way into the stately Palace grounds. The final battle with the tyrannical despot is dramatic and your mission is well worth fighting for.

Guerilla War by SNK Electronics has excellent graphics and colorful scenarios with painstaking attention to detail. The continuous action scrolls smoothly and easily. The background music for each designated area is not repetitious, but keeps pace with the intense feeling of the game. The special effects used to show the dramatic explosions of enemy vehicles are a definite plus. Guerilla War is sure to rate as one of the best action games to hit the NES shelves this year.

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Battle an evil dictator's war machine through nine levels of scorching combat action! Infiltrate the enemy palace, kill the dictator, and save the country!

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In Guerrilla War, you and your buddy fight to survive against the military stronghold of an evil and vicious dictator. At your disposal are machine guns, grenades, and other weapons and power-ups that can be collected along the way.

In addition to your primary objective of overthrowing the Commie government, you mission will also bring you face to face with dozens of friendly P.O.W.s who are being held hostage by the enemy. Collect these prisoners for more points and expose power-ups that increase the firepower of your weapons!

Guerrilla War is loaded with intense combat action over nine different levels of play. You can play by yourself or with a friend simultaneously in this faithful arcade to home translation of SNK's best Ikari spinoff ever! Great graphics, music, and play combine to make Guerrilla War outstanding!


To select any of Guerrilla War's nine levels of action, press both the 'A' and 'B' buttons and hold them during the title screen, and then press start. You will enter the level select mode and be able to choose any mission you wish!


To uncover hidden power-ups and secret free men, always remember to use your grenades to blow away the rock walls that fill the battlefield. Hop in a tank and use the cannon to clear the walls away even faster!


You begin this round inside a mine, riding a mine car. Using a whip, rescue the hostages that line the walls to the right and left. Use a friend on this stage with one person whipping left and one concentrating on the right.

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  • Type: Shooter
  • Levels of Play: 9
  • Release: 05/31
  • Difficulty: Avg.

SNK is back on the battlefield once again with their latest arcade translation, Guerrilla War.

Deep in the jungles you lead a revolution against an evil dictator. By yourself, or with a partner, you take on the army behind enemy lines while rescuing P.O.W.s..

Blow the enemy away with your machine gun, or go for the super firepower in one of the allied tanks and do some serious damage.

Rescue the prisoners, gather the powerups and head for the enemy headquarters!

People say:


Guerrilla War follows in the footsteps of Ikari and Iron Tank. While the territory may be familiar, the action is fast-paced and the graphics and sounds are exceptional. The built-in continue unfortunately eliminates much of the challenge, but it is still good game nevertheless.


SNK's developing a reputation of making only shoot-em-up war games. While this is immensely better than Victory Road, it's little more than a complex version of Ikari 2. Extremely detailed graphics and continue feature make this the best shooter in months.


This version of Guerrilla War is a little easier than the arcade version and is definitely worth looking at although it's not quite the game that Iron Tank was. The unlimited continue feature ruins most of the long-term challenge of this game, but the game itself is very, very good.


I'd categorize Guerrilla War as the best out of all the Ikari-type games that SNK has produced so far. It has great graphics and the control is nice. There is some flicker when a lot is happening on the screen, but it's not too bad. The two-player feature is also cool.

reggie posted a review

Guide rebel commandos against an evil dictator in this action-packed translation of the popular coin-op! Similar in many respects to Ikari Warriors, SNK's home version of Guerrilla War brings lots of jungle warfare straight from the arcades and into your home! Two player simultaneous battles and lots of new enhancements make this one a winner!

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Your small island country is struggling against the cruel domination of an evil dictator. As the guerrilla leader, you must attempt to land secretly on the shore. But the dictator's militia has taken prisoners and they are waiting to attack you! Two players can join forces to battle the dictator's army, rescue the prisoners, and bring liberation. You'll need all your wits to get out of this one alive.

reggie posted a review
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