Hammerin' Harry

a game by Irem Corp.

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

Published and developed by Irem Corp., the game was released in 1992.

In Carpentersville, a nice and peaceful town, several workers who are known as The Rusty Nailers have decided to bulldoze Harry's house. Certainly, Harry is not very happy about the situation, so he is on the rampage, destroying all the workers who get in his way. Taking on the role of Harry, you can choose the two ways to crash them: you can either smash them when one of them gets close. Or you can hit the ground, and this will cause shockwaves in both directions.

There are four environments, which Harry has to go through: construction sites, sewer, ship, and the mansion. In the last one Harry comes across with the leader who has ordered the demolition of Harry’s house. When each environment comes to an end, a boss is to be defeated to continue the next environment. Also, between these environments, there are bonus stages in which Harry needs crash numerous enemies before the time is up.

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Hammerin' Harry Downloads

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Based on the smash arcade hit, Hammerin' Harry pits you against an evil construction boss trying to take over the city. Have Harry use his hammer to smash the bad guys.

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Harry's beloved home has been leveled by a crew of construction workers. In this arcade-based title Harry's mad as #@*! and he's out to avenge his home. Wielding a huge mallet, Harry sets out to do some destructive, reconstructive surgery on the construction crew.

reggie posted a review
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