Harley's Humongous Adventure

a game by Visual Concepts

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Available: November 1992
  • Number of levels: 19
  • Theme: Action

Honey, I shrunk myself

Harley was your average mentally unstable basement scientist. Among his run-of-the-mill animal mutation and rocket pack inventions, he also invented the Acme Super Shrinker, capable of shrinking any object (including humans). The problem with this was that, during experimenting, he shrank himself! He must now find the pieces to the shrinker so he can return to normal size.


  1. FIRECRACKER. Firecrackers are weapons that require timing and can damage more than one bug.
  2. MARBLES. Marbles will ricochet and roll around hitting bugs from every direction.
  3. NAILS. Nails travel in straight paths and are effective, although they don't cause high damage.
  4. TACKS. Tacks will bounce around when thrown. They will hit bugs better then all weapons.
  5. RUBBER BAND. Rubbers bands will bounce off the walls and hit bugs when you throw them.

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Harley's Humongous Adventure Downloads

SNES Harley's Humongous Adventure download

Harley used to be a big guy with little problems. Now he's a little guy with BIG problems! Harley's experiment in miniaturization backfired, turning him into the Incredible Shrunken Dude! Unfortunately, his Shrinker machine blew up. In order to get tall again Harley must find the Shrinker's pieces, which are scattered throughout his house and yard.

Harley's Humongous Adventure by Electronic Arts is a terrific-looking, side-view, multi-scrolling, hop ‘n' bop adventure. However, it only takes one small step for the SNES.

Feet of Clay

Right off the bat you'll gawk at the gorgeous character graphics. The slick pix were created with clay animation. Each character was cast in clay and then painstakingly animated, filmed, and digitized. The game's visual style is a totally unique and fun look.

The rocking music and the happy-go-lucky sound effects fire off pure energy, but they get repititious after a while. However, you shouldn't turn down the volume because audio aids help you beat the beasts.

Honey, I Shrunk

The Humongous Adventure is just that, and it's hard, too. Your search covers 18 levels through Harley's house from his lab to his rooftop.

ProTip: During the initial power-up stage at the beginning of the game, the most important things to find are the two Hearts. Don't waste time!

The game play is familiar fare. Each level presents a fair share of creature bashing. However, this is essentially a medium-paced maze game, where you must find the route to a hidden piece of the Shrinker. Put on a thinking cap, or two, or three, the levels are mindbenders.

  • To escape the Bathtub, you need to create a rideable bubble. A bar of soap would be helpful.

Complicating your search is a zany zoo of little creatures. Harley's munchkin menagerie looks hilarious, but they put a mean bite on you. Gross Flies, biting Bees, antisocial Ants, flame-spitting Fire Ants, toothy Termites, and icky Ticks bug you to death. Water-born pests include Electric Eels and Piranhas. Your former pet, the Rat, is especially hot to prove who's the big cheese now!

  • To get past your first Rat encounter, Cute ‘n Cuddly, shoot its feet and Run (hold down Y and press Left or Right) under it when it tries to jump on you.
  • In your second Rat encounter, go for its head, and then Run under it.

Harley's controls are primo. He can quickly cycle through an amusing array of ammo, such as Tacks, Rubber Bands, and Marbles. In addition to the standard walk, duck, and jump, he has a speedy run, which enables him to jump a little higher. To scale great heights, he can jump up, stick to a wall, and climb. If he finds fuel capsules, he zooms around with a Jet Pack. When things get wet and wild, Harley does a nifty breaststroke, but don't let him sink or he's sunk.

  • The Tank's ammo is unlimited, so shoot ahead continuously. Jump up and shoot off-screen as soon as you hear the bouncing Balls.

Let's Get Small

Harley's Humongous Adventure is a good time on a small scale. Its groovy graphics are totally unique. Its game play is a solid rendition of standard stuff. If your aspirations for fun tend towards the tiny, hunker down with Harley.

reggie posted a review

Harley's Humongous Adventure is an old school 2D platform game for Super NES (SNES). It was originally developed by Visual Concepts, and funded by publisher Electronic Arts, but eventually published by Hi Tech Expressions.

You'll guide Harley (hip, young scientist who happens to have an IQ the size of Mt. Rushmore) through all kinds of crazy capers, parachuting, using a jet pack, commandeering a tank, fighting a giant rat, that will lead him to the parts he needs.

reggie posted a review
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