Hogan's Alley

a game by Nintendo
  • Shooting Games

This retro/shooter video game, released in 1984, was published and developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

This game requires the use of the Nintendo Light Zapper, and in fact has no plot. The player is just doing target practice in the police station. There is a choice of three targets at a time with minimum one innocent person, in an alley with both bad and good targets, in windows and also walking on the path. Well, there is also a Trick Shot, you can shoot the cans there, trying your best to make them land in a slot for points, or you must at least try not to let them go down onto the ground. The FBI's has a training facility to coach new recruits at the FBI Training Academy (in Quantico, Virginia). But the Nintendo game seems to be based on the earlier Hogan’s Alley, which was founded at Camp Perry, in 1920.

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