Hudson Hawk

a game by Sony Imagesoft, and Ocean

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

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Hudson Hawk


Eddie Hawkins, also known as "Hudson Hawk", just got out of prison after serving a long 10 year sentence. He's vowed to give up his illegal profession as the world's greatest cat burglar. That was until ultra-rich and mega-trendy Darwin and Minerva Mayflower forced him out of retirement. They needed the best thief in the business to steal three Leonardo da Vinci artifacts. If the Hawk-man refuses to work for the Mayflower's, they will kill Hawk's best friend!

With his back against the wall, Hawk accepts this new mission which sends him around the world in search for the three artifacts. What Hawks doesn't know, however, is that these priceless objects when combined together are extremely lethal, as in goodbye civilized world! Hawk eventually discovers this reality with the help of Anna Baragli. With this new found knowledge, not only does Hawk have to track down the necessary artifacts to save his friend, but also put a stop to the Mayflowers' evil scheme.

In Sony Imagesoft's "Hudson Hawk" for the Nintendo, you play Bruce Willis' character, "Hudson Hawk", searching for the artifacts while avoiding the police, the Mayflowers and other dangerous traps. You'll also have to deal with jumping across ravines and buildings throughout your quest.

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NES Hudson Hawk download

Another movie title has been converted into the portable format! Find a way into the museum and steal the precious artifacts within! Watch out for dogs!

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Released in 1991, this video game was published by Sony Imagesoft and developed by Ocean Software Ltd.

A cat burglar, Hudson Hawk, has got a mission: he must get the three works of art by Da Vinci's: "The Sforza", the rocking horse; his sketchbook that he called "The Codex", and a precious crystal. For this mission, Hudson Hawk has to go through a mansion, castles, rooftops, subways, and the Vatican. Certainly, collecting all these things will not be as easy as it seems to be. Hawk has to come across not only security guards, guard dogs, and others, but also he must do his best to avoid setting off alarms. To defend and past by safely, Hawk is able to punch enemies, or throw a ball at them.

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