The Humans

a game by Gametek, and Imagitec Design Inc.

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genres: Puzzles & Words, Platformer

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The Humans

It's the dawn of civilization. Dinosaurs roam the Earth. Volcanoes spew molten lava. Odd-looking amphibians crawl out of the primordial ooze and evolve into air-breathing reptiles. The first humanoids emerge from their caves, organizing into small bands to hunt for food and shelter...

Sounds like the opening scenes from a B sci-fi movie. Close, but not quite. It's more like "The Three Stooges Visit the Stone Age."

Mo, Larry and Grok

Humans by Gametek is a team-oriented puzzle game much like Lemmings. Your task is formidable: guide your scruffy band of 12 cavemen through 80 levels of evolution. Each side-view level is a large multi-tier puzzle that spans several screens. Solve the puzzles to lead your tribe through the discovery of tools, fire, and the wheel -- all with hilarious results. Along the way, you have to teach your band of mouth-breathers how to work together for continued survival of the tribe. Since you can start any level over at any time without penalty, you can discover new tidbits of strategy with each attempt.

ProTip: To quickly solve Level 22, save the captive in the lower right-hand comer that's behind the stone wall. Grab one of the wheels, drop it down the ladder, and get on. If you jump right at the end of the second ramp, you fly right over the wall and rescue the captive.

Every couple of levels there's a bonus round, where you get a chance to rescue Humans who've been captured by enemies. They join up with your band and replace lost members of your troupe.

Enter the Witch Doctor

As their sense of logic and spirit of cooperation evolves, so too does the darker side of your troupe. You can call on the Witch Doctor to- Ulp!—turn one of the members of your tribe into a torch, a rope, a wheel, or a spear. As in Lemmings, sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good of the whole.

  • You need all three spears on Level 9 to kill the dinosaur. To get the third spear, sacrifice one human to the dinosaur, and then switch cavemen quickly to slip past the dinosaur and get the spear.
  • Use the Witch Doctor right away to get the tools you need to finish Level 9. Then use him to stand on a Pressure Zone to free a member of your tribe.
  • Some of the jumps are only possible by cheating a little. To make a long pole vault, move out over the edge until it looks like you're standing in midair.

Primitive? Hardly!

Humans really shines. The slapstick antics of the little cave dudes will keep you laughing. Though the controls take a little getting used to, the sounds and graphics pull it all together. The discovery of each new tool is illustrated by hilarious graphics that show your tribe learning how to use their acquisitions by trial and funny error. Seems you can teach an old human new tricks!

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The Humans is an interactive puzzle game centered around a group of primitive tribesmen trying to survive the terrors of everyday life in the Stone Age!

Take control of tribe members as they try to discover the spear, fire, the wheel and other items. Alternately control each human as you guide them up ladders, stack them upon each other, and fight ferocious dinosaurs.

Your tribe must also attempt to save fellow humans that have wandered from the village walls in fun-filled bonus games.

The Humans has a realistic side to human nature like decision making that could spell disaster with incorrect planning. Will the human race grow to today's standards, or will we be left holding the banana?

reggie posted a review

EVOLUTION... To paraphrase Darwin, it's the survival of the hippest. One wrong move and you're dino-meat, one wrong step and you're a fossil, one fashion faux-pas and you're the laughing stock of the gene pool, baby. Discover tools, survive and multiply or these HUMANS are a time-line footnote. In this world of chaos and carnivores...

reggie posted a review

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