Hyper V-Ball

a game by Video System

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports

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Sometimes dredging up moldy oldies is not a great idea. Case in point: McO'River has just transformed Super Volleyball (the two-year-old Genesis game) into the semi-super Hyper V-Ball.

Going Way, Way Back

Hyper V-Ball is another moderately fun volleyball game that doesn't quite have enough Mr. Oomph. The game features team-based tournament action. The straight side view provides no actual depth in the court, so your players just clutter over each other. The graphics have been spruced up a bit, with more colors than the Genesis version. Unfortunately, the scrolling still has a hard time keeping pace with the ball.

In addition to the expected Men's and Women's Leagues, there's a cool new attraction: Hyper League. Hyper League features volleyball-playing robots that have tons of extra spikes and moves.

ProTip: Psych out your friends with fake spikes and blocks at the net, but don't expect this to work against the computer!

The controls in Hyper are far from hyper, however. The response time is not up to speed, and at times you find yourself futilely pressing the button. The game is also repetitive. The sounds, however, are above average.

Hyper V-Ball volleys well in robot mode, but the game can't quite hold the serve.

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