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Genre: Sports

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Although one-on-one basketball has been featured before in games like Hoops and Jordan vs. Bird, it's never had the zest and appeal of Jammit Basketball, Virgin's first b-ball hoop-ful. This game shoots up extremely sharp, realistic graphics, a wide assortment of half-court one-on-one contests, and a very contemporary, urban interface. Unlike the proliferation of structured, NBA-based games, Jammit is b-ball in its truest form -- in your face and with no holds barred!

In Yo' Face!

Jammit takes to the streets in an all-out battle for court supremacy. You'll play against some mean- looking characters named Chill, Roxy, and Slade. When you play solo against the computer, you start with $400 in your pocket and lay bets against your opponents. The more you wager, the harder your opponents play. Win enough money and The Judge will grant you an appearance on his court, The Palace, for a final showdown.

ProTip: Always keep yourself between the basket and your opponent. If your opponent gets past you, don't go for the steal, just catch up to him as quickly as possible.

Jammit has a good mix of options. Select the two-player mode for head-to-head action in eight different versions of one-on-one basketball, including No Fouls, Slams Only, and 2-Ball Free for All. You can also customize the games.

  • When you're on defense inside the paint, stick close to the basket and time your block with your opponent's shot.
  • Avoid knocking down an opponent from behind, or they'll instantly receive two free foul shots. You can slam opponents as much as you want from the front.
  • It's easy to Clear the Ball off the sides of the basket, but sometimes your best move is to go all the way outside the paint and come back in. This separates you from the defender and opens up more lanes so you can charge the basket.

No matter which game you select, the controls are easy to pick up and execute. On-screen action responds very well to your button-pressing, which is crucial in this fast-paced game. Jammit also supports the new six-button controller for even faster action. Be forewarned, however -- the computer opponents move just as efficiently as you do, especially in the higher levels.

Walkin' the Walk, Talkin' the Talk

Jammit is def with its contemporary, presentation of the games. Well-rendered, realistic graphics capture the urban atmosphere perfectly. The large, digitized players dress in the casual clothes you see the outdoor courts, and they move with silky-smooth grace. The backgrounds are lush, with graffiti on the walls, trash on the court, and even dirt smudges on the backboard.

  • When you carry the ball, crouch low to protect it. Use your Elbow Jab to keep the defender away.
  • Go ahead, be rude. Dis the foul shooter by pressing B to yell out distracting comments.

A boom box located near the baseline can be reset to play three thumping hip-hop tunes. Crisp, digitized voices of the players yell out some of the meanest "trash talk" you'll hear. Although it's not profane, some talk is offensive enough to earn it an MA-13 rating.

Gimme the Ball!

Fast action, easy game play, and hip graphics and sound bites make Jammit perfect for action- minded gamers who want the speed and accessibility of an arcade game. Traditional basketball purists may grow bored with the simple game play and repetition, but this game is meant to be rowdy, not strategic. See you on the court!

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  • Manufacturer: Virgin Interactive/GTE ImagiTrek
  • Machine: Genesis
  • Genre: sports-action
  • Players: 1, or 2 competitive
  • Levels: 4 courts, 8 play modes
  • Difficulty: medium to hard

Two months after gamers were treated to the much-ballyhooed arrival of Acclaim's NBA Jam, another street-wise basketball game hits the store shelves. Virgin's Jammit (also available for SNES) trades the glamour and glitz of the NBA for the grim and grit of urban streets. If you thought the games were rough in Jam, try the competition on concrete courts such as Slam Haven, Fish Heads, and the Snake Pit.

In Jammit, as in NBA Jam and the older Arch Rivals, you play fast-paced games with fewer players than the standard five-on-five, and there are usually no fouls called. But Jammit sets itself apart from its predecessors because of its eight unique play modes. In addition to the standard one-on-one, you can choose to play games like "2 Hot", in which you score more points if you shoot from the X mark on the court, and "Cutthroat", in which three players (you and two computer-controlled opponents) try to be the first to score 21 points. Without these variations, Jammit would get old fast.

But instead Jammit is a good action-based basketball game that would have been a lot more impressive if Jam hadn't come along. However, the game's many play modes and in-your-face attitude gives it a unique style that makes Jammit worth picking up - even if you already own another basketball game.

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  • Manufacturer: Virgin
  • # of players: 1 or 2
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: May 1994
  • Theme: Sports

If you think you can handle yourself on a basketball court, then Virgin has got the perfect game for you. Some of the best players from around the neighborhood are up for a little one-on-one. The big question is - are you?

Slade, Chill and Roxy are the three hoopsters who are always chosen for pick-up games around here. You get to control one of the three in an eight-round tournament of one-on-one games with a different game type in each round. You slam against one of the other two players for each game and bet on the games until your wads of cash disappear. If you can outpsych and outscore your way through all eight rounds, you then go up against the court king - Judge - in a winner takes-all game of his choice on his court. And if you don't feel like taking on all that competition, play with a friend to see who's the best. Remember play tough! When you get a chance, JAMMIT!

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  • Theme: Sports

For a down and dirty game of b-ball that's totally different from all the others out there, try Jamm It. Jamm It features one-on-one style basketball where the players bet money on the games they play.

This game is no walk in the park and it can get pretty rough. You can punch and smack the ball away from the other player. But watch it,] he can call a foul on you. When you leap for the basket, a close-up shot shows you the heat of the action.

This cart has cool digitized voices, and is easy to learn how to play. If you want a sports title that's a little different, move to this.

reggie posted a review
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