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Although Joe Montana's real on-field performances have been touch and go the past few seasons due to injuries, Joe's still throwing straight and true on the Genesis. NFL Sports Talk Football is a major improvement over last year's hit sports game, Joe Montana II. All the best features of Joe II have been retained, if not improved. Several new features make Joe III an even more well-rounded and enjoyable football game. Read the following scouting report to see if Joe Montana III is worthy of joining your video game roster!

Playing in the Big Leagues

The most notable addition to Joe III is the inclusion of all 28 NFL teams, including their names, logos, and team colors. Each team features dozens of plays and player combinations, reflecting their actual strengths and weaknesses. Select the Redskins for power ball control, the 49ers for finesse, or the Eagles for their explosive offense and dominating defense. Sure, it's a computer simulation, but the impression that you're playing with actual NFL teams adds an exciting feeling of authenticity!

Practically all the graphics are new or have been enhanced. From the well-animated spinning NFL logo at startup, to the sharp, digitized crowd scenes broadcasted on the large stadium Fan-O- Vision screen, the programmers spared no effort in blitzing the Genesis' graphic capabilities. On-screen action has also been improved. Players move more realistically, and they are more responsive to controls. Four points of view are now available; Horizontal, Vertical -- Offense, Vertical -- Defense, or Blimp view, which reduces all the players to ant-like proportions. By providing a clear overview of both offensive and defensive alignments, the Vertical view is especially useful for run and short yardage passing plays. Openings in the defense and shifts in the offensive line are a cinch to spot. The Horizontal view is crucial for long yardage passing plays, since it provides a wide-angle view 10 yards on either side of the line of scrimmage. This enables you to drop back, avoid sacks, and spot the open receiver.


  • Hit Pause before hiking the ball. Study the defense and spot possible routes other than those dictated by the playbook.
  • The Horizontal view is best for spotting open receivers.

Talk Tough

Joe Montana III upgrades the Joe II Sports Talk feature with a larger vocabulary and more spontaneity with the on-screen action. Plus, the announcer throws in personal insights, such as "I can't believe it!" when a team calls a really stupid play. Additional digitized sound effects such as the prime time soundtrack, stadium crowd, referee, and bone-crushing impacts, effectively add to the realism.

To confuse your opponent, call Audibles without switching the play.

X's and O's

Joe Montana Ill's play-calling features are slightly different from its predecessors. You are now presented with a diagram of all the players in each formation before viewing the plays available for that formation. You can also position the QB in the shotgun. Unlike Joe II, Joe Montana III features different plays for different teams depending on their abilities. Joe Montana Football's strongest attribute is its playbooks, which are clearer and easier to understand than any other football game, with every run and pass clearly diagrammed. One Joe II feature that's missing, however, is the ability to choose the mirror image of every play. In football, you need all the options you can get!

Memorize all three plays, so you can call them as audibles.

Pigskin Programming

Joe Montana III is a well-balanced combination of gridiron simulation and arcade action that offers an impressive load of features and options. Three different levels of game play, one-and two-player combinations against each other or the computer, and dozens of customizing options make this game appealing to gamers of any skill level. Take time to practice at the Exhibition level against the computer, because the Play-offs are extremely challenging and frustrating.

Three Times the Charm

Joe Montana III is a noteworthy improvement upon its predecessor. The high quality graphics, extremely responsive game play, the Sports Talk feature, the vast options, and authentic NFL statistics make this one of the premiere football games for the Genesis or any other system. Just like Joe Montana, this game is a first string starter all the way!

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