John Elway's Quarterback

a game by Tradewest

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Sports

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  • Category: Arcade/Sports
  • Recommended Age Group: 10 and Up

John Elway's QUARTERBACK is the home video game that plays just like the version in the arcades. Get ready for football action so real that you can see the game like a quarterback does, from the line of scrimage! You call the plays, you throw the passes, run the ball, and make the tackles! Everything that you could want in a video football game is here in a fast-action football simulation loaded with options.

  • Players: One or two players simultaneously
  • Rounds of Play: Undefined - Four quarters of play

Playing Tips: The key to winning at Quarterback is to guess your opponent's plays and react accordingly. On defense you'll notice that the computer uses a passing game, while on offense you can burn up the yardage with a combination of passes and runs.

Secret Techniques: When selecting your plays, move the cursor to the "Normal/Reverse" box and wait for the play to start. When play begins, immediately pass the ball and your men will move at lightning speed, out running everyone else on the field!

Special Features: Although Quarterback can be played solo against the computer, it is designed to be played by two players head-to-head.

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John Elway's Quarterback Downloads

NES John Elway's Quarterback download

The NES version of this popular arcade game, features realistic gridiron play. The game, whether played by one or two players, provides the fast, hardhitting action of real football. Players are forced to strategize as they would in a real game, calling their own plays on both offense and defense right up to the line of scrimmage. Lifelike sounds and graphics accompany every move as players run, pass, kick and tackle. John Elway's Quarterback will keep you entertained until the next football season!

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