Jurassic Park 2 - The Lost World

a game by Sega

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Racing, Shooting Games

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Just when you thought 16-bit games were facing imminent extinction, along comes Sega with another remnant from that lost world known as Genesis gaming. But this game is no Sega savior—it's just another dinosaur destined for the fossil files.


  • Falling rocks and steam can kill a dinosaur. Try to lure the Raptors near the walls in the cave section.
  • Use the password CIVIL WAR to play in a pseudo-death match against a friend.

Tracks of my Fears

Lost World's gameplay is a throwback to the original Jurassic Park for the Super NES by Ocean. You play via a top-down perspective, hunting and capturing small dinosaurs while avoiding bigger dinosaur predators (like Raptors) across five levels. You also help lost dino scientists and fight evil hunters.

Some of the levels give you a break from the weary overhead action, like the chase sequence where you blow up maniacal motorcyclists while shooting at a fleeing dinosaur. Most of the game, though, is straight-up boring.

Controlling your character is simple—you shoot with one button and change weapons with another. However, this extremely slow game could really use a run button to speed things up. The cheesy interface that accesses the map will make you snicker; but remember, if this game had appeared, say, three years ago, it might almost have been cool.

The graphics and sounds won't impress 16-bit die-hards. Don't expect dynamic sprites or flashy cinematic cut scenes here; instead you get muted colors in simple backgrounds and extremely small sprites. The sound, especially the painful motorcycle squealing, will also leave you as flat as a Montana dinosaur dig.

Lost Whirl

The Lost World is just that: A game from a world long gone that seems just plain lost in modern times. It's so old it's new; but Jurassic Park is a place to visit, not to stay.

  • To get the Stegosaurus into the trap, dart him, and then run. Once you enter the trap, you'll be rewarded with a jeep.
  • Every time you capture six dinosaurs, you get a health box containing armor, an extra life, and gas canisters. Re careful snaring the sixth dinosaur—if you activate the Drop Box near a wall, it will explode and leave you with nothing.

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A month after it stomps its way onto movie screens and 32-bit systems, The Lost World: Jurassic Park should rumble over to the Genesis. As in the PlayStation and Saturn versions, you play as different characters, including a raptor, a T-Rex, and a human hunter, while trying to survive 20 levels of action/adventure on an island overrun by dinosaurs. Sega claims the new "Morf-X" technology will make this smoothest, most realistic animation yet on a 16-bit system. We'll see.

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