Kendo Rage

a game by Seta

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Action

  • Machine: SNES;
  • Manufacturer: Seta; Affect

Many years ago, Japanese warriors studied Kenjutsu, the art of the sword, in order to prepare for fierce battles. It was vital to train, but, alas, using real swords not only was dangerous, it was deadly as well. Soon steel swords were replaced with bamboo so fighters could learn form and style without shedding blood. That's how kendo, Japanese fencing, came about. And that's the premise of Kendo Rage.

When you're already a black belt at 12, it's hard to keep from getting bored. That's why young Josephine - or Jo, as she's called - is spending her summer vacation in Japan studying kendo with the great master Osaki Yoritomo. Things get a little strange, especially when he hands her a Zopikki talisman and asks her to banish all evil from the world. Hey, it's better than a trip to the beach!

Kendo Rage is a solid game with crisp graphics and some interesting enemies - including a women's volleyball team with very deadly spikes. The female heroine is also fairly unusual, but Jo is no girlfriend-needing- rescuing: She can ward off evil with the best of video-game fighters.

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Jo's having a weird summer. She went to Japan to study Kendo and ended up having to banish evil from the world.

ProTip: Don't sink too far into the snow during Stage 2.

Kendo's an ancient martial art that uses a bamboo stick as a weapon. Jo battles through seven stages of hand-to-hand combat with a host of strange monsters and bosses.

Jo can run, jump, hit with her stick, and use her psychic powers to summon powerful special attacks. Power-ups abound during the predictable side- scrolling levels, but all you really have to do to survive is whack everything in sight.

Colorful Japanese-style graphics liven up this otherwise dull game. Poor control and weak game play don't make this worth playing through more than once or twice -- never mind for an entire summer vacation.

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Kendo Rage, known in Japan as Makeruna!, is a video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Datam Polystar. In The original Japanese version of the game a spirit detective named Doro finds Mai and asks her to help him attack monsters. English version was created by Seta U.S.A.

reggie posted a review
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