Kick Off

a game by Imagineering Inc., and Anco


Genre: Sports

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Kick Off present oneself a simulator football computer game. Series developed by Dino Dini.

Kick Off published in 1989, Anco designed the first prototype of Kick Off for the Amiga, Atari ST consoles and it was straight very considered decision. Game has become a pioneer of soccer computer games. Kick Off has first-hand from Dino Dini features never summed up in a football game previously.

Kick Off, opposite to all its precursors, the ball didn’t cling to the player's feet, but in exchange for was realistic kicked forward from the gamers. These append an important level of hardness of game and mastery requirement at the same time. All this, including all the original video-game features as interesting moments replays, players with rather features, characteristics, different strategies, tactics, fouls, yellow and red cards, players injuries, changing injury time and different referees with bad moods, designed Kick Off and Kick Off 2, especially successful series of football games ever. Kick Off funs play big World Cup so far on origin Amiga console every year, saying that no one football game makes so much thrilling quantity of control over the football process.

Afterward new releases for rather computers followed, like Atari ST and etc. Especially the Amiga variants were by far the super famous. From the beginning Kick Off was first published for the Atari ST and only then transferred to the Amiga.

Kick Off was designed by Dino Dini and Anco.

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