Kid Icarus

a game by Nintendo

Platforms: NESNESGBA

Genres: Action, Platformer

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Kid Icarus is a platforming game designed by Nintendo and TOSE. Announced and published by Nintendo for the FDS (Famicom Disk System) in 1986 year and the NES in 1987. This game in the Kid Icarus series is first.

When man and gods live in harmony and peace, the realm of Angel Land was dominated by 2 goddesses, Medusa and Palutena. Medusa was the Goddess of Darkness; Plutena was the Goddess of Light. While Palutena managed the light and helped the peoples cultivate their agriculture, Medusa abhorred the people and used the darkness to raze their crops and transform the peoples into stone. Anger, Palutena turn Medusa into a gruesome monster and exile her into the darkest Underworld.

Medusa would't go quietly. She gathered a legion of terrible monsters and evil ghosts of the underworld and deepest dungeons to destroy Palutena's homeland, the Palace in the Sky. The Great War burst forth and Medusa's evil creatures defeated Palutena's army, in the end incarcerating the Goddess of Light. Goddess of Darkness then got the Three Sacred Artifacts - the Arrow of Light, the Mirror Shield and the Wings of Pegasus - and provided them to her most mighty minions.

Done to the wide and incarcerating, Palutena's only dream was to ask the help of Pit, who are young angel fall's into Medusa trap in the Underworld. Gathering poor remains of he previous great stench, she craft for Pit a magical bow. So, Pit begin a escaping quest from the Underworld. He must get back the Sacred Artifacts that would assistance him conquer Medusa, and save Palutena and give back peace to Angel Land.

Finally Pit retrieved these 3 artifacts and Defeated Medusa. Then Pit made trip back to Angel Land to seek the newly recovered Palutena gave him armor (perhaps raising his rank). But, if player will find the secret ending, Pit will become older (teenage years) and then get a kiss of appreciation from Palutena.


Kid Icarus is frequently compared to the game Metroid (which was published the identical year), this games uses the same engine also. Kid Ikarus even contain a Metroid enemy; his name is "Komayto". In manual, volume two hundred four of Nintendo Power, there is a composition was written about the some game where describing contamination together players features from Metroid, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and, stating that Pit may "jump as Mario, assume things like Link, and shoot opponents like Samus." The manual hand-book theorizes that Komayto maybe have come from another planet.

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