Kirby's Adventure

a game by Nintendo

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

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Kirby's back and the NES has him. Already a Game Boy legend, the rotund puffhead comes to the 8-bit system with six, count 'em, six big megs of action! If you aren't yet a fan of Nintendo's Kirby, you will be once you start playing this addicting game.

You Are What You Eat

Everything that made the hand-held Kirby's Dream Land enjoyable has been retained and improved in Kirby's Adventure. He still lives on the distant Art Deco-inspired star called Dream Land, and he's still battling his archenemy, King Dedede. This time the King has split the Star Rod into pieces, which means nobody in Dream Land can dream at night. Only Kirby can find the missing pieces in this side- scrolling search that takes him through seven immense levels and into combat with dozens of imaginative enemies.

ProTip: The Level 1 Tree Boss has only one vulnerable spot -- his nose. Bop it with the apples that fall from overhead branches.

As in his Game Boy debut, the Kirbster still runs and floats across land and sea, Hoovering up enemies and blowing them back out against oncoming attackers. He also swallows points, extra lives, and health-restoring foods. A major enhancement over the Game Boy version is Kirby's new ability to adopt his enemies' powers when he devours them, meaning Kirby's now armed with Hammers, Fire- Balls, Lasers, Porcupine-Needles, and over a dozen other abilities. A large display across the bottom of the screen tells you at a glance what ability Kirby's sporting, as well as his number of lives and your overall point total.

  • Go back and grab the Lasers in Doorway 6 before you confront the two bosses at the end of Level 3. Dodge the falling stars and the fiery beams while zapping the bosses.
  • Avoid the sleeping enemies. If Kirby sucks them up, he'll snooze, too!

Dreamy Graphics

One of the best parts of this game is its overall look. The detailed monochromatic backgrounds on the Game Boy now explode with color on the NES. Hidden caves, desert pyramids, and churning oceans abound in the wonderful world of Dream Land. The special effects are, well, special. Pick any level, and you'll find innumerable graphic flourishes. For instance, as Kirby walks around the brick Butter Building in Level 3, it rotates past him (a rare effect in 8-bit games). Also check out the gorgeous flowing fountains in the Crape Garden, or the darkened castle chambers that only get lit when Kirby swallows a light. The only complaint is with the sprites: They're often too small to identify, and you miss some of their humorous details.

  • Once you're inside the first doorway of Level 4, continue right until you see blocks that form a cross pattern. Blast 'em and you'll find a secret Bonus Level.
  • Defeat the Level 4 Boss by swallowing the high-jump icons and firing them back at the boss's eye.
  • Stay close to and level with the Level 5 Boss. Swallow any projectiles he throws at you, and then spit them back at him.
  • The UFO power-up in Level 6 gives Kirby three kinds of beams to fire. You can arm yourself with any of the three depending on how long you hold down the B Button.

In addition, the sounds add a symphony of delights to the game. Each character has its own signature squeak and the music changes with each new encounter.

During the maritime mishaps in the Orange Ocean, look for hidden doorways scattered throughout the entire level.

Kirbeus Maximus

Each level offers three Bonus Games: Crane Fever (the familiar carnival game where you pick up items with a crane); Egg Catcher (face off against the King in the ring); and the hilarious Quick Draw Kirby (see who's got the fastest Button A in the West). At the end of the game, after you've defeated King Dedede, expect two more rounds of wild shoot-em-up action. Whatever the challenge, Kirby's up to it, because the game's simple controls enable him to move easily and react quickly. In fact, the controls are as well-rounded and smooth as Kirby himself.

Grading on the Kirby

Kirby's Adventure is as good as the 8-bit Mario games, which is great news for NES owners. Now, instead of looking longingly at 16-bit systems, you can look in wonder upon the marvels of Dream Land, a place of endless fun and adventure.

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Kirby's Adventure Downloads

NES Kirby's Adventure download

Originally on the GameBoy, this popular title is now going to be enhanced for the NES. While the largest addition to this game is color, fans will find all new secrets and a lot more fun.

Like before, Kirby must travel through a variety of lands that are full of challenges. If you liked the GameBoy version, you'll love this enhanced cart. It's loaded with the action die-hard players demand in their adventures.

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