Lamborghini: American Challenge

a game by Titus

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Racing

See also: Racing Games

  • Manufacture: Titus
  • Machine: Game Boy
  • Theme: Driving

People say:


I love going fast, and Lamborghini Challenge has the speed most Game Boy titles dream of obtaining. Unfortunately, Game Boy's oldest flaw is here as well. The blurring is really bad. The cones, if that's what they are, are nearly impossible to see. However, it plays decently. My biggest complaint is the sound. It sounds like an air raid siren, and it gets all the dogs in the neighborhood howling. Still, one of the better racers.


Does racing across the country a Lamborghini Diablo against others racers all competing for prize money sound like fun? It is, especially when you've got the cops on your tail nearly the entire race! The game suffers from a slight blurring problem, but it's not nearly as noticeable as other Game Boy games. This is a fun game to take on a road trip. Hey, if Dad drives like Grandma, maybe this game could help.


Surprise! Surprise! I like this one. Dunno why! Maybe it's because it kept my attention for more than a minute. Seriously, this racing game plays just as good as any other, even on 16-Bit. It's a little bit on the easy side, but it is still a challenge. The graphics are what you would expect from a Game Boy, but are still good. I also like how you can win money and use that money to modify or upgrade your car. Pretty cool!


Hey, what do you know, I'm still playing these Game Boy games. Lamborghini Challenge is an excellent addition to this portable. It will keep you busy during travels or business trips trying to cruise through the tracks. The graphics are very good in the sense of the GB's capabilities. You may have to turn down the sound, it can get irritating. This game is quite impressive overall. Cool features.

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