LHX Attack Chopper

a game by Electronic Arts

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Flying, Shooting Games, Simulation

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All you joystick chopper jockies can leave your 25- cent notions of video helicopter flying at the arcades. LHX Attack Chopper by Electronic Arts is a Genesis combat flight simulator that leaves the flying and the dying to you.

War Is Helicopter

LHX puts you in the seat of a high-tech military whirlybird out to fly ultra-secret military missions. The graphics make you stretch your imagination, but they scroll smoothly enough to make you feel like you're flying. You fly from a first-person, inside-the-cockpit perspective. The pix are classic flight sim-style that means, strictly polygons.

You can choose to fly either a real deal or a military ideal -- the McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache or an experimental LHX (Light Helicopter Experimental). EA apparently went to great length to generate realistic military 'copters by researching actual specs on both aircraft. TV flew the Apache straight into our living rooms during Operation Desert Storm. The LHX is an actual experimental chopper that's craved by the military.

No Fear of Flying

EA's extensive attention to detail extends to the instrumentation as well. Be prepared to read the manual. Don't let the sophisticated-looking control panel put you off, the aircraft respond nicely to the good 'ole Genesis controller.

To help keep you airborne, both aircraft feature extensive heads-up displays (HUDs) that are comprehensive and easy to read. For example, the handy Multifunction CRT display even flashes a close-up picture of the targets you track. Moreover, at any time, you can display a detailed Waypoint Map to find your location in relation to your target and your base.

ProTip: Study your Waypoint Map for allied airfields and friendly territory. If you have to land there on your way back, you might be rescued.

No Guns, No Glory

Not only can you control your flying, but you can also activate a highly effective arsenal. At your command are Sidewinder heat-seeking missiles, Hellfire laser-guided missiles, FFAR rockets, and a chain gun.

  • Know your weapon capabilities. For example, Guns will not fire on tracked aircraft.
  • Always save some ammo for your return trip from any mission.

You'll need all the firepower you can muster, because your sandblasted enemy has equally lethal weaponry. They must have gotten a good deal on unused Soviet surplus. Among the six types of aircraft, 11 mobile weapons, and nine missile systems are HIND Assault Helicopters, Mikoyan MiG27 Flogger jets, T-80 Battle Tanks, and SA-8 Gecko Surface-to-Air Missiles. Five difficulty levels buy you time to master the game.

  • If there's a missile on your tail, you might be able to escape it by flying around a hill or a building.
  • If you fly low enough, highflying interceptors won't notice you.


LHX Attack Chopper is a highflying Genesis combat flight sim. If you're a real video pilot, you're used to polygon graphics. So, fire this game up and blast some sand. Have you got the chops for Attack Chopper?

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LHX Attack Chopper Downloads

Sega Genesis LHX Attack Chopper download

LHX Attack Chopper is a helicopter simulation with a strong arcade focus. You can freely choose which missions to fly first, and which helicopter to fly in a given mission.

All missions were available from the outstart, so there were no "locked" missions. The player could also choose the mission difficulty from 5 different levels, ranging from "Easy" to "Very Hard". Missions had one primary and one secondary objective, out of which only the primary objective was critical to successfully complete the mission. They were explained in a pre-mission briefing, after which the player could choose both their helicopter and the weapons they were going to carry on the mission. Some missions required carrying cargo or rescuing POWs or downed pilots, in which cases only the Black Hawk and the Osprey helicopters were available. Weapons available ranged from AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-92 Stinger anti-air missiles to AGM-114 Hellfire and BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles.

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