Little Nemo: The Dream Master

a game by Capcom

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

  • Machine: Nintendo

In Little Nemo: The Dream Master, a turn-of-the-century comic strip character leaps off the page and into a Nintendo game. As Little Nemo, a sleeping kid in a nightshirt, you'll take an imaginative journey into the fantasy world of Slumberland. But leave your machine guns and guided missiles at home - Little Nemo deals with danger by tossing candy and transforming himself into various animals.

In a market glutted with shoot-em-up games, Little Nemo is a gentler pastime. The strategy and action are well-balanced. To finish each dream (stage), you have to collect a certain number of magical keys. That may sound simple, but swarms of army ants and other pesky crawlies are out to get you.

By tossing three candies at a friendly creature, such as a frog, Nemo gains the animal's strengths and weaknesses. The trick to winning is to learn how to use each kind of animal to reach the magical keys. Some parts of the game, such as the end of the Mushroom Forest, test your ability to overcome obstacles while dodging enemies and stunning them with candy.

Your final goal is to free King Morpheus. The king's daughter, Princess Camille, gives you the powerful Morning Star wand before you enter Knightmare Land in dream 8. Use the wand to battle the two bosses in that stage.

The toughest boss, the demonic king of Knightmare Land, lurks at the end of the game. He's beatable, but it takes persistence. Try standing in the left comer of the screen and striking him with full-power blasts from the wand. Your position allows you to dodge his red blobs by jumping in one direction, then scampering in another.

Top-notch graphics add to the excitement of each dream. The chugging train in the House of Toys and the brilliant fire walls in Knightmare Land are especially nice touches.

Coordination and timing are a must in Little Nemo. The game gradually becomes more difficult as your adventures take you deeper into Slumberland. Overall, Little Nemo should appeal to both intermediate and advanced players. Experienced gamers will probably consider the first seven dreams as a warm-up for the shadowy evil in Knightmare Land.

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  • Type: Action
  • Release: Sept.
  • Levels: 6
  • Difficulty: Easy

Journey to a land of wonder. Little Nemo receives an invitation to visit the castle in Slumberland. When he arrives the King has been kidnapped and Nemo sets off on a wild adventure looking for the ruler. It's a game set in a realm of imagination where anything can happen and it does. Huge toadstools, giant candy canes and oversized toys form backdrops for this children's adventure in a never-never land setting!

People say:


This game represents a down-scaled version of the best action/adventures, successfully capturing the proven game play and mixing it up with some nice pastel graphics. The action never gets too furious, but the game remains solid throughout most of the adventure.


Another 'sleeper' which has the look of a game for the yonger crowd but the type of game play this the older players can get in to. The graphics look great and the game plays like a well designed adventure game. It's Rescue Rangers in a dream world.


Capcom has a history of making games with 'kiddie' themes and great game play. Nemo is no exception. While the cute & cuddly theme may scare some players off, Nemo is filled with new concepts and excellent game play. Great cartoony graphics bring a Disney feel to it.


Watch out Megaman and Super Mario! Here comes coolest character straight out of sleepy city,... Little Nemo! Non-stop action and constant challenge will keep you glued to this comical adventure. Feed candy to the right character and ride'em cowboy!

reggie posted a review

Published and developed by Capcom Co., Ltd., this platform video game, based on a comic strip for the 1940's was released in 1990.

Nemo is a young boy from London sent to the kingdom of Slumberland, a fantasy land full of strange creatures and dream-like places. The main game character soon learns that Prince of Nightmares has kidnapped the King of Slumberland. So now, you must save him with the help of Princess Camille. You have the only weapon at your disposal, it is a sack of candy. You stun enemies, and in levels like the Mushroom Forest and Train Land, friendly animals will help you to go through. The game features licensed characters and artwork from the comic. Also there are animals, such as apes and moles, to pass through the different terrain.

reggie posted a review
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