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Lords of Thunder used to be one of my favorite shooters on the Turbo. The Sega CD version, however, pales when compared to the old game. While the music (excellent!) is the same, the graphics, particularly in the colors department, really lack. LOT doesn't excite me any longer when compared to today's shooters. It plays okay, but experienced gamers will find it too easy. To me. it's only average.


When this came out for the Duo. it was a truly rockin' game. Now it just seems like Sega is trying to catch some of that success. The game looks and feels like the Duo version, which is good. But when comparing this game to any other shooter that has come out recently, Lords of Thunder just doesn't stand up to the competition. Yeah, it s decent, but it isn't too spectacular. It's standard-fare stuff.


Lords of Thunder is a fairly dull game. The levels seem almost identical. The Bosses, although big and menacing, aren't very difficult (as a matter of fact, the whole game isn't very difficult) and their attacks aren't anything special, either. They don't even animate much. Furthermore, the music kicks in about a quarter of the way through a level, so you're blasting away with no background music. It's just a slightly above-average shooter.


This game was out long ago for the Turbo Graphix and it shows. Shooters have come a long way since then with a lot more animation and special effects. This game was good for its time but seems a bit watered down for today s standards. Yet. after playing a bit you must admit that it is a decent shooter, it is not a challenging game, and would probably appeal a lot more to a novice gamer. In today's market, it's average.

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