The Lost Vikings 2

a game by Blizzard Entertainment

Platform: SNESSNES

Genres: Puzzles & Words, Platformer

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Lost Vikings 2 serves to remind us that simple, low-key titles can provide just as much, if not more fun than bigger, more prominent 32- or 64-Bit games. If you are an action-oriented gamer, or if you are short in the patience department, then you may want to pass this cart on by. Lost Vikings 2 is a slow paced experience that's part puzzle, part strategy. The goal of the game is to maneuver two or three characters at a time through several stages of tricks and traps. The beginning levels are full of help boxes (like in Super Mario World] that will teach you the ABCs of navigating through the obstacles. This makes the game so easy to get into, Interplay can forget about a game manual if they wanted. After the initial lessons are over, it's up to you to use your gained knowledge to finish each level. The problem lies in the fact that every stage is very straightforward and linear. This means that there is usually only one answer per puzzle, so it's just a matter of going through the predetermined solutions to finish the game (forget about replay value-you're only going to play this game once], I would've liked for Lost Vikings 2 to offer multiple ways of completing each level, forcing the game to involve a bit more thought than it does. Still, it's a recommended fun time.


Not much to say about this one. A couple issues back we reviewed the Saturn one and about all that's changed in this version are the graphics and lack of voices (which in the long run isn't a bad thing). Since Lost Vikings 2 isn't about graphics, the strategy aspect is the same in this Super NES version. I still would've liked to see more levels.


You can't go wrong with the Lost Vikings, no matter what system they're on. This sequel Qing past due, if you ask me) packs all the puzzles and personality of the original. The difficulty of the puzzles ramps up perfectly, too. And the oddball characters who aid the Vikings keep the game fresh. Heck, it was nice just to hold a Super NES pad again!


Let's see, this is Lost Vikings 2, but on the Super NES. That fact alone is enough to earn some brownie points, considering the lack of any substantial new Super NES games. Every Super NES owner who hasn't made the jump to 32-Bit will want this solid game, though it's getting a little old in the ingenuity department, with little over its venerable predecessor.

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If you liked The Lost Vikings, you'll probably like this mildly entertaining sequel. Once more you must use the three amigos' varied powers- Eric's speed, Olaf's shield, and Baleog's bionic arm—to overcome obstacles and enemies. You switch between the Vikes to perform tasks the others can't—the trick is getting the right guy to the right place at the right time.

Strong controls are the keys to the game. Not only do your boys have multiple abilities, but you also play as a wolf and a dragon, adding more elements to the mix. Nearly every ability is pulled off effortlessly—only Baleog's arm-swing is tough to master.

Where the game suffers is in the sounds and graphics, which haven't improved much from the original. What was once highly rated is now ordinary in these post-Donkey Kong Country days. The minimal sound effects are uninspired and the 2D backgrounds get redundant.

One last ingredient worth noting: humor. The wisecracks are another reason to find The Lost Vikings.


  • In the presence of Karin, Ola f is the only Viking who can clear the deadly spikes to retrieve the necessary key.
  • Position Olaf and his shield so he can block overhead hazards, enabling his mates to run past safely.
  • Always send Eric out first to scout new territory- he's the only one who can swim and fly from danger.
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