Lost World The Jurassic Park

a game by Aspect

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Action

People say:


One of the vital ingredients in any decent platform-action game is control, an ingredient needlessly left out of The Lost World. Since the recipe is incomplete, the game rates lower than its potential. It's unfortunate, since The Lost World has almost everything else going for it. The animation is silky smooth; the backgrounds are rendered beautifully. The sound effects and music work together to re-create the perfect Lost World atmosphere in your living room. The respectable enemy Al is a welcome addition to the genre. But the frustration you'll get when you play this game for a few hours may make you forget about all of the frills and thrills. You will miss jumps, you will fall to your death, you will step on sharp objects...you will get frustrated. This is all due to the imprecise controls, the seemingly inaccurate collision detection and the tough level designs. After a while, you may decide that looking for secrets down hidden paths is just too tough, so you'll just run straight ahead to the end of the level (which can be a challenge in itself). If you practice and learn the level layouts, you may enjoy your Lost World experience ...if you are the patient type. The Lost World is definitely in the upper echelon of 2.5-D action games. Just make sure you don't have an ulcer or high blood pressure.


From the get-go I liked the way this game looked-the intro with all of its cool tech-jargon along with great graphics were awesome. So then there's the game itself. Once again the graphics and animation were sweet, but the control was too sensitive. You'd jump on a ledge, barely hit the D-pad and fall off Still, it's a solid game with cool secrets.


With its ultrarealistic dino animation, flashy cinemas and "guest star" secret ending. Lost World is a slick package. Too had the gameplay isn't so hot Some stages are ridiculously unforgiving-especially the human levels, where you suffer too many one-hit deaths despite having a full Health Meter. Your dino's animation often makes for loose control, too.


Without a doubt, this is a highly respectable game, though limited in gameplay. The variety of animals is good, but I bet several fans would have liked to have used a few more. My biggest problem is the human level, where even the slightest mistake means certain death. I never knew a rocket launcher couldn't take out a T.Rex! A little realism is in order.

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