The Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13 II

a game by Vic Tokai

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

A "StarWars" satellite has been snatched out of earth orbit, the inventor of satellite capture technology has disappeared, the C.I.A. and the K.G.B. are blaming each other, and the world edges toward nuclear oblivion.

Golgo 13 is back just in time. The Mafat Conspiracy is a phantasmagoria of action and interaction. Your eyeballs will stretch from their sockets as you speed through Europe in Golgo's Ferrari. Your bones will rattle as you leap across the cars on the Orient Express. And if you think you've seen bad dudes, wait till you feel the power of Duke Togo's wicked karate kick.

The Mafat Conspiracy is for those who demand the very best in video games. See it at World of Nintendo, and we'll prove it to you!

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Aren't Star Wars satellites suppose to be the state-of-the-art solution for and sane world? Then why are they suddenly dropping like flies all around us?

Even as another electronic snooper falls blazing into the Earth's at sphere, the governments of the Soviet Union and the United States receive terrorist demands: Hand over a nuclear attack sub and electromagnetic weapons technology or no more eyes in the sky. The Mafat Revolutionary Group has sabotaged the critical Star Wars satellite system! Now, at least, the C.I.A. knows who put the snatch on the famous Dr. Barrows, the brains behind a super secret satellite capture system.

That, however, is all the Agency knows. Their only clue is a rumor that Dr. Barrows is in confinement somewhere in Paris. What's a super secret spy organization to do? Call Golgo 13.

Spies Like Us

The Mafat Conspiracy from Vic Tokai features the continuing exploits of agent provocateur Duke Togo of Golgo 13 fame. This time the super secret agent must track down the radical Mafat Revolutionary Group, destroy the satellite capture system, and rescue Dr. Barrows.

As Togo (codename: Golgo 13), you enter the murky world of international intrigue for thumb-mashing one-player action. You're an experienced street fighter and an expert marksman. A Python pistol is your everyday side-arm, but for more detailed "work" you use a customized M-16 equipped with a telescopic sight.

Views to Kill

Like Golgo 13, Mafat features excellent game-play. You work your way through six stages and play in four different types of arcade -- style screens. It's like getting four games in one. The graphics are great and the animated backgrounds are excellent! In between the action, you'll enjoy animated sequences that narrate a hard-boiled comic-book storyline. Stay alert for important clues and information here.

ProTip: When you have to replay a stage, don't be in too great a hurry to skip the dialogue screens. If you do it the soon, you might begin the first round of the next stage without a critical item such as your Python pistol.

The horizontal action provides a world tour from the Champs Des Ely-see's in Paris to the desert plains of Afghanistan. But there's no time for sightseeing because the shoot-em-up action here is hot, heavy, and non-stop!

In the horizontal screen the bad guys must be shooting dumdums because these bullets are slow! If you duck a shot, don't stand up too quickly or you'll get hit anyway.

See the French underground up close in 3D screens that plop you into mind-boggling, deadly mazes. You'd better make a map if you ever hope to find your way out alive.

When you get into a maze, keep an eye open for the infrared scope. You'll need it!

Hop into your Ferrari as you guide Golgo 13 in a life and death drive through the French countryside. You'll engage in a deadly high-speed chase as you race to a critical rendezvous in the city.

When you're in the Ferrari, work the gears by pressing Up and Down, especially when you hit the curves, or you'll never beat the clock (or the bad guys).

The sniper screen enables you to draw a bead on Mafat agents. Have you got the steady finger and the icy nerves to pull the trigger? Don't hit the target.

In sniper mode, use the wind indicator to adjust your shots for wind age.

Friends and Foes

Golgo 13 isn't alone in his quest to unravel the Mafat Conspiracy. C.I.A. support agents, Sylvia and James, supply you with critical equipment and info.

Unfortunately for you, you'll encounter more enemies than friends in this tale of international intrigue.

You'll match wits with the shifty Gerbich, head of the Soviet KGB, and rhe diabolical Ahmad Khan, a lynchpin in the Mafat Organization. At their command is an army of agents who'd like nothing better than to terminate you with extreme prejudice.

The international cast of villains is armed with pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, and grenades. But some of them like their mayhem up close and personal, so you'll have to duck daggers and shurikens, too.

If you get past the relentless men in grey, there are some special assassins waiting to snuff you out. The Monkey Men pounce on you from out of nowhere and the hockey-masked Boomer angers get you coming and going.

The Arm of Mafat is a giant scimitar swinger who'd like nothing better than to put you on the cutting edge.

When you face the kickboxer on top of the train at the end of Stage 4, you can defeat him by backing him to the edge of the railroad car, pressing Down and A to execute a low kick, and then rapidly pressing A to continue kicking until he's down.

It seems like even the animal kingdom has agents on your tail. Dogs are definitely not your man's best friend and Scorpions try to put the sting on you.

Go Golgo

Golgo 13 is pretty nonchalant about all the murder and mayhem going on around him, but you'll be sweating, swearing, and busting your brains trying to figure out the mystery. Who's at the heart of the Mafat Conspiracy? What kind of name is "Golgo" anyway? As Golgo 13 always says, "...."

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Golgo 13 is back! In this all new adventure you're on a mission to recover a stolen Star Wars satellite which has vanished from its orbit around Earth. What's more, the inventor of the satellite capture technology has also disappeared. The C.I.A. and the K.G.B. are both feigning innocence and claiming the other is responsible. If this whole mess doesn't get straightened out soon, the world is headed towards nuclear oblivion. This is where you come in. As a top secret agent you've got to solve this mystery, and fast! The ensuing adventure finds you zipping across Europe in a Ferrari, leaping across the tops of the speeding cars of the Orient express, and showing your stuff in a karate match with evil Duke Togo. Yup, Golgo 13 is back with a vengeance.

reggie posted a review
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