Magic Darts

a game by Romstar

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Sports

  • Type: Sport
  • Available: April 1991
  • Difficulty:avg.

Bullseye! Romstar has taken the classic bar game - darts, and brought it home to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Featuring numerous play choices like 301, 501, 701, Round the Clock, Count Up, and Half It, Magic Darts appeals to all age categories. Magic Darts also sports an interesting cast of players as well as a cinema display at the bottom of the screen to show you how you're doing.

People say:


Wow! This cart is actually fun! It can become boring after playing alone, but competing with friends is a major plus. Magic Darts is humorous, too! The different characters adds a brilliant touch as well. Use the bruiser, Max, and watch the dart get flattened when it strikes the target!


A dart NES game is a great idea. Romstar has taken a sport that is only average for play value and improved on it by adding unique characters. Each has its own style of throwing and trying to master the ninja technique is a real challenge. A good variety of versions too.


It's darts with a twist. Romstar took an ordinary game of darts and enhanced with all sorts of cool characters. Choose a character like a ninja or alien for a different approach. A well playing game, even though it isn't very intense it's lots of fun when competing your friends.


Magic Darts is a refreshing new addition to Nintendo sports genre. Sporting many play options, multiple players, and a decent challenge, this cart offers a good time to dart fans of all ages. My favorite tidbit is hitting the fly on the wall for bonus points!

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